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Linux Foundation Opens Korean Office

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| The Linux Foundation, the nonprofit organization dedicated to accelerating
| the growth of Linux, today announced that it is opening an office in Seoul,
| Korea. Kwangjei "Daniel" Cho, former senior director of Haansoft, Inc., will
| be the Linux Foundation director of Korea.


Linux hotbed.


SK Telecom Joins LiMo Foundation to Speed up Linux Platform Development

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| SK Telecom joined LiMo Foundation, the international consortium to develop
| standard Linux-based mobile platform.


KDE in Korea

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| Places which use free software are increasing. Many people engaged in a
| social movement are studying and using free software. They are making a film
| with GNU/Linux systems, have meetings to bring information about Free
| Software. I also engage in the social movement, and am making the nonprofit
| cooperation to bring people to meet free software. (Of course I have the plan
| to show KDE project.)
| What are the most popular Linux distributions and software in Korea?
| As you know, Ubuntu is the most popular distribution in Linux users group,
| Fedora is the most popular in general. The Firefox is the best well-known
| program.


[Korea:] Condition for Success of Embedded Linux

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| As the embedded linux is emerging as an affordable operating system for
| digital TV sets and handsets, community developers are raising their voices
| over the three obstacles on the success of the embedded linux.



Sambo to Launch Linux-based PC

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| According to Haansoft, this is the first time a Korean PC brand has launched
| a Linux-based PC.
| he PC uses “Asianux Desktop 3” operating system along with applications
| including Haansoft Office 2008 Linux to be launched next month.


On what Helio has learnt: Open Source is the General Trend!

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| Helio has absorbed the idea of open source platform application, which has
| been activated and widely used in the United States, for WDP 2.0 project.
| Unix, SunOne, WebLogic, Commercial BPM Solution, all which was WDP 1.0
| system-based, have been changed to open source based platforms, such as JBoss
| and jBPM, accompanied by download servers, such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux,
| Web Application/Core Application/Contents download servers.


[The Outlook for 2008 Korean IT Industry] Tech Predictions for 2008

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| The greening of IT was also counted as an important trend for 2008. Linux is
| predicted to make major inroads into various areas. Particularly, Google’s
| Andriod mobile platform in the cooperation with the Open Handset Alliance
| (OHA) will spur the blossom of the blossom of the OS.


Haansoft to donate Linux based Hangul program to Daejeon City

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| The company provided 780 copies of the Linux-based Hangul 2005 to centers
| that house infants and small children through Childcare Center Association of
| Daejeon city.


North, South Korea Unite Over Linux

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| The bitter political foes will team with China on the project, tentatively
| named "Hana Linux"


Two Koreas Join Forces to Develop Linux

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| South and North Korea team up to develop a version of ‘Hana Linux
| (tentatively named)’ and set standards.


ODF a National Standard in Korea

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| The proposal for ODF to be accepted as a Malaysian Standard by SIRIM,
| Department of Standards Malaysia and ultimately the Minister of Science,
| Technology & Innovation is dormant for more than a year now. Four months
| after the Malaysian proposal went to sleep, Italy made ODF a National
| Standard. Eight months after that, Korea has followed suit. With this Korean
| news, perhaps the Malaysian proposal will be awakened.


Korea, No with comments to OOXML

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| Korean government concluded that OOXML is incomplete for ISO standards right
| now and suggested some of complements for that.


The cost of monoculture

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| Korea will only get beyond this problem by 1) applying Korean laws
| on open standards to the certificate authorities, 2) reassigning new
| certificates which work with open web standards to all Koreans, 3)
| reprogramming all Korean websites to support 128 bit SSL which will
| allow for a heterogeneous marketplace of operating systems and web
| browsers. This is a herculean task and thus Korea stays hostage to
| Redmond.
| Fascinating history. Unintended consequences and de-facto monopolies
| create costs too high to calculate and must be borne without question.


Is MS Overcharging Koreans for Vistas?

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| Microsoft?s Windows Vista program is selling in South Korea at
| prices up to 70 percent higher than in the United States or
| Japan, with Microsoft blaming Korea's immature market
| for the price difference.


Consumers in No Hurry for Vista Upgrade

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| In a survey of 4,144 members of Danawa.com, a price comparison site,
| only 14 percent of respondents said that they will immediately upgrade
| to the Vista platform when Microsoft releases it on January 30.


Korean government warns against Vista upgrade

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| The Ministry of Information and Communication said that it wished it
| could tell a private company like Microsoft to postpone the release
| of Vista, but it can't. The best thing, an official said, was not to
| install Vista before you know what you're getting into.


South Korea, OSS License Guide Announced

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| The Guide explains how to strategically manage and utilize open source SW as
| well as what the open source SW is and how to use it. Explanation for GPL, an
| open source SW, published in June, 2007, is included in the Guide as well.


Korean software firm sues Microsoft

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| According to Korean newspaper Chosun, the US software mammoth has been
| accused of causing a loss in sales revenue estimated at W30bn (US$1=W918)
| because the firm's Windows operating system comes pre-loaded with a media
| player and instant messaging.
| Seoul Central District Court confirmed yesterday that Digito was suing
| Microsoft in the US and Korea, claiming that the software giant had violated
| the Fair Trade Act since 2000.


Motorola adds Carrier Grade Linux partner

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| Embedded Linux provider Wind River has forged a joint development, marketing,
| and support agreement with Motorola's network equipment division, it says.
| The "strategic alliance" aims to bring Wind River's Carrier Grade Linux (CGL)
| and VxWorks OSes to Motorola's AdvancedTCA and MicroTCA (pictured at left)
| products.


Motorola selling Razr2 phone in S.Korea

,----[ Quote ]
| Motorola accounted for 11.5 percent of the Korean handset market as of the
| end of April. Samsung Electronics Co. held 55 percent and LG Electronics Inc.
| had 19 percent, according to Korea-based ATLAS Research Group.


Korean court rebuffs Microsoft in patents case

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft has taken another slap from the authorities in Korea, after
| a court decision in a patent dispure raised the prospect of Officeb
| eing taken off the shelves in the country.
| Microsoft said it was continuing to dispute the patent's validity.


Consumers in No Hurry for Vista Upgrade

,----[ Quote ]
| In a survey of 4,144 members of Danawa.com, a price comparison site,
| only 14 percent of respondents said that they will immediately upgrade
| to the Vista platform when Microsoft releases it on January 30.


Haansoft Teams Up with Redgate, Targets Linux Market in Asia

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| Haansoft said on Wednesday that it had teamed up with domestic
| security firm Redgate to reinforce security for 'Asianux.'


First phase of Korea's open-source city is high success

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| Following the trend of open source adaptation in major cities worldwide,
| one of the major Korean cities, Gwangju Metropolitan City, successfully
| jumped onto the open source transition, receiving spotlight from related
| industry.


South Korea's ETRI develops advanced Linux desktop search system, puts end to
erroneous results

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| On 21st, South Korean R&D firm ETRI announced that they have developed new
| Linux desktop search system, 'antbear'. The antbear can analyze and run
| advanced text searches, producing more accurate results by precisely
| analyzing the search words.


An open source development project 'Winter of Code' just got launched!

,----[ Quote ]
| Soonseon Kwon, who runs KLDP (Korean Linux Documentation Project)
| said, "This is the first ever open source event in Korea and I hope
| it will serve as a good opportunity to promote the open source to
| Korean students. I also hope that both the students and resulting
| projects can put a positive effect on the open source community."


'Genome Project' Led by Open Source HPC

,----[ Quote ]
| The BLAST tool module is highly compatible to run on Linux
| platform with advantage of considerably faster result compared
| to running on other platform.


Army Considers Shift to Open-Source Programs

,----[ Quote ]
| Following the trend of the nation's government agencies, universities
| and post offices, the South Korean military is considering jumping onto
| the open-source bandwagon.

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