JP Morgan Tech Show: Palm Sees Software Lifting its Fortunes

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| Well, on the way to that Linux software, Palm hopes to return to increasing
| sales and return to profitability a couple of ways, said Brown: one, the
| Centro, is available at 10 carriers now and will be spreading to more
| carriers globally. That’s important, because the Centro sells for as little
| as $49, at AT&T, which means Palm has to make up the sales on volume. Her
| wouldn’t confirm if the Centro will be offered by Verizon Communications’s
| (VZ) Verizon Wireless unit, as rumored.


The New Pocket PCs

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| That will change in 2009, according to Palm's vice president of smartphone
| product marketing, Stephane Maes. The company is developing its own modern,
| Linux-based OS, which will replace Palm OS by the end of the year. It will
| have a flexible interface and a very easy development environment, and it
| will focus on integrating personal information, Maes says.

Does ACCESS threaten Windows Mobile? (Video demonstration & interview.)

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| This year ACCESS released their first new platform with PalmSource. The
| platform looks like older Palm OS versions. However, it was developed based
| on Linux, provides true multitasking, improved graphics and single finger
| navigation. It has a number of other enhancements as well.
| Third party applications developed for Palm OS devices work on ACCESS' new
| platform. So Palm OS customers can migrate to ACCESS without giving up their
| existing software. Palm OS developers can easily write new applications for
| ACCESS. Also, most of the existing 30 thousand Palm OS third party software
| titles can be purchased for use on ACCESS devices.

Google claims 'Non-existent' Android beats everything but the Jesus Phone

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| "There are certain apps you just can’t build on an iPhone," Miner
| said. "Apple doesn’t let you do multiprocessing. They don’t let your app run
| in the background after you switch to another. And they don't let you have
| interpretive language in your iPhone apps."