How open is your open source vendor?

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| If vendors are not proactive about writing and publishing declarative
| statements about their open source involvement, they may find that community
| users start judging them on the community’s terms. From Milking the GNU comes
| the suggestion that a new independent organization could be formed to judge
| vendors that claim to be open source on a number of criteria, such as patent
| policy, business model and development model.


DimDim Enhances Open Source Version

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| The other major change brings the open source version into closer alignment
| with DimDim's flagship products: The limit on the number of users who can
| join a meeting on this version has been removed. This is rare among free
| conferencing applications. It's also a smart move on the part of DimDim, as
| it's unlikely that open source use will seriously cannibalize DimDim's paid
| user base.


Ingres OpenROAD Now Open Source

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| Ingres utilizes the GPL open source license for the project, which is live on
| the Ingres community website at

Ingres Steps Up Open Source Contributions

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| On the occasion, Emma McGrattan, senior vice president, engineering, Ingres,
| said, “Today, open source technology has reached a tipping point as more and
| more enterprises understand the value that comes from open source and the
| potential cost savings it provides companies.

Free software and open source really ought to be separated.