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Nevis Labs Identifies Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows Live OneCare

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| Nevis Networks, a market leader in secure switching and identity-based policy
| enforcement appliances, today announced that Nevis Labs has identified
| vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows Live OneCare.


Microsoft harms Apple too:

Windows and Apple Mac Users Warned of Microsoft Security Holes Which Could Lead
to Hacker Attack

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| Vulnerabilities discovered, including critical flaws in Mac and Windows
| versions of MS Office; Microsoft has rated four of the vulnerabilities
| as 'critical'.


"The threat to cancel Mac Office 97 is certainly the strongest bargaining point
we have, as doing so will do a great deal of harm to Apple immediately. I also
believe that Apple is taking this threat pretty seriously."

--Ben Waldman, Microsoft manager


Windows Live Support Almost Killed Me

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| News Commentary. When Windows Live OneCare fails, it's murder.
| Yesterday, I wasted several hours trying to get working the ailing OneCare
| installed on my daughter's Sony VAIO laptop. Oh, joy. *



OneCare upgrade brings headaches

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| Since November, Microsoft has been slowly rolling out an update to its
| Windows Live OneCare security software. Although the update was designed to
| bring in new features, such as the ability to monitor the health of multiple
| PCs, some say the new version has brought only headaches. *
| Robert Webb of North Carolina said he started having problems from the moment
| his software was upgraded in early December. *


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| Asked about these problems, Arno Edelmann, Microsoft's European business
| security product manager, told ZDNet UK on Thursday that the code itself
| has pieces missing.
| "Usually Microsoft doesn't develop products, we buy products. It's not a bad
| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^
| product, but bits and pieces are missing," said Edelmann.


I'm Getting More Concern than (One)Care

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| Apparently, OneCare doesn't think too much of my corporate connection
| and switches status from "automatic" to "restricted" during VPN
| connection. This has been the case since I installed OneCare last
| week. So, why the futz now?


Microsoft confirms OneCare zaps Outlook, Outlook Express e-mail

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| Microsoft Corp. has acknowledged that a bug in its Windows Live
| OneCare security suite has been causing users' e-mail to vanish
| from Outlook and Outlook Express.


Windows Live Onecare beta ate my hard disk

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| So when the 90 day trial expired, he thought it well worth the
| $90 or so which Microsoft asked for a licence. When he rung up,
| he was surprised to be informed that the Beast isn't yet selling
| the product outside America.
| So he was suddenly left with an XP machine that was defenceless
| and with plenty of data that was now unreadable.


Microsoft using early Vista users as guinea pigs?

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| Interesting to read in the International Herald Tribune this week
| about Microsoft hitting a 'crisis of confidence' with its new Vista
| operating system.
| [...]
| Sounds familiar? Your bet - it's almost an exact re-run of the
| security issues that affected Windows XP in its earliest days.
| Microsoft wouldn't be using its Vista users - as it did with XP -
| as guinea pigs, now would it?...


Microsoft shipped OneCare unfinished?

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| Since shipping in May, OneCare has failed industry tests and exposed
| users to attack because of a security flaw in the antivirus engine.
| The application also incorrectly flagged Gmail as a virus and in some
| cases quarantined or even deleted complete in-boxes when a single
| e-mail was laden with a virus.


Schneier: Lots of Security Software Is 'snake Oil'

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| IDG News Service: So what do you think is the biggest threat right now?
| Schneier: Crime.
| IDG News Service: So how do you fix it? It's expensive to investigate, it's
| cross-jurisdictional.
| Schneier: It might not be fixable. A lot of [the solution] is going to be
| making the things that criminals are going after harder to get. You're not
| going to stop the criminals. *


Malware still malingering for up-to-date anti-virus users

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| Having anti-virus software and keeping it up to date is no longer enough to
| keep from geting infected by malware.


The rise of the Malware Mafia

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| Organized group's embrace of cyber crime has been made possible by the
| availability of highly specialized malware, which has lowered the barriers to
| entry. As a result, Alperovitch said, "The profile of arrested criminals is
| changing from tech savvy teens to traditional criminals with mile-long rap
| sheets for drugs and propagating fake checks."


The Dirty Secret Behind 1,000,000 Viruses

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| But there's something missing in this paragraph – and, indeed, in the whole
| story: it's the word “Windows”. This is the dirty secret behind viruses: they
| are overwhelmingly found on Windows systems. The huge, global cost of viruses
| is just one of the hidden extra fees that we all, collectively, must pay when
| others use Microsoft Windows. Pity Microsoft doesn't use some of its
| extensive cash holdings to compensate victims of its poor coding.
| Now, of course, if all the world used GNU/Linux, that wouldn't mean that
| viruses would cease to exist: the focus of malware would shift, and viruses
| would become more common for that system too. But you can bet they'd be far
| harder to write, and that there would be far less than a million.


Bots rule in cyberspace

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| USA TODAY REPORTS that on an average day, 40 per cent of the 800 million
| computers connected to the Internet are bots used to send out spam, viruses
| and to mine for sensitive personal data.

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