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New born BioPuppy Linux for Bioinformatics

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| BioPuppy OS is an electronic workbench for bio-informatics and computational
| biology. It has been designed to meet the needs of beginners. BioPuppy is
| available as a live CD cum installation CD [and in USB Pen drive] and
| containing all the required software to boot the computer with ready to use
| bio-informatics tools.


More life back in Gnetoo:

Planet exgentoo is live!

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| Due to a recent policy update on Planet Larry (a planet run by Steve Dibb for
| gentoo users) former gentoo developers are no longer allowed to be syndicated
| there. So to provide a central place for former gentoo developers to talk
| about gentoo and other things on their mind Alexander Færøy have now started
| Planet Exgentoo - the planet for people not allowed on either Planet Larry or
| Planet Gentoo.



Scientific Linux – The Big Physics Community Linux of Choice

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| To reduce redundancy and provide commonality, Fermilab and CERN have anointed
| a version of Linux as Scientific Linux.
| The FAQ on the site talks about the foundation of Scientific Linux as
| the “Enterprise version” of Linux. I believe it’s based on a version of Red
| Hat Linux but the FAQ declines to mention it citing trademark restrictions.
| As always the issue of support comes up since the community provides it
| rather than a particular vendor. Fermi Lab offered a Fermi Linux so the
| support users found with that version will probably be what they find with
| the Scientific Linux version.



Scientific Linux Live CD/DVD 4.6 is now available for i386 and x86_64

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| Scientific Linux Live CD/DVD 4.6 has been released for i386 and x86_64.
| The Scientific Linux Live CD/DVD runs Scientific Linux directly from CD/DVD
| without installing.


Scientific Linux 4.6 - i386 & x86_64

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| Scientific Linux 4.6 has finally been released. We want to thank all those
| who have contributed packages and time, helping us build and test this
| release. It took a little longer than we wanted, but we feel it is a good
| stable release. *


Scientific Linux live CD/DVD previews RH5

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| A preview of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, which won't be released
| for about a month, is available via the latest Scientific Linux 5
| (SL5) alpha live CD/DVD, released this week. Built from source
| packages for RHEL 5, SL5 sports a 2.6.18 kernel and either the
| KDE or GNOME desktops.


Scientific Linux rolls out live CD/DVD update

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| The Scientific Linux project today released a set of live CDs and DVDs
| of the latest version of their Red Hat-based distribution, v4.4, for
| both i386 and x86_64 architectures. The live CD/DVD, featuring a 2.6.9
| kernel and the GNOME desktop environment, can also boot from a USB
| port, the team said.

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