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Xbox 360 Sales Hit 10 Million and Beats Wii, PS3 - But Not Fairly

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| I'm all about giving Microsoft its time to shine, especially in the cutthroat
| world of gaming consoles, but there's one pretty big matter that needs to be
| addressed: the Xbox 360 was released one year prior to the Wii and
| PlayStation 3!
| [...]
| I'm sorry, Microsoft, but this announcement seems a bit more like
| self-congratulatory blather aimed more at spreading propaganda than fact.


Microsoft also likes to brag about sales in its own 'back yard'. All other
consoles are Japanese and Microsoft is US-based.

Days ago:

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 sinking quickly in face of opposition from PS3 and Wii

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| Even though Microsoft just came off a great year in 2007 with the release of
| exclusive blockbuster titles such as Halo 3, Bioshock and Forza 2 they are
| now in a much weaker position more than ever this year. The future is
| starting to look a bit bleak for this console in face of stiff competition
| from the Wii and PS3.
| [...]
| If Microsoft does not change its business strategy of just relying on third
| party titles, the Xbox 360 will find itself in a similar situation the
| original Xbox was in. The future of any console’s success will be their first
| party offerings and who can offer the most number of diverse titles and
| blockbuster hits, will have the edge to wining the console war. However, with
| Microsoft loosing four studios in the past few years analyst have questioned
| if Microsoft Game Studios was built on quick sand.

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