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Catch a Glimpse of Mozilla's E-Mail Future in Thunderbird 3 Alpha 1

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| It's alive! Mozilla has released the first alpha version of its upcoming
| Thunderbird 3.0, the company's next-generation e-mail application. We don't
| suggest you rush out and download it unless you're a true early adopter; this
| release isn't stable and lacks many of the features planned for Thunderbird
| 3's final release.


*Extensions* make it one of the most powerful E-mail/messaging/news program out
there. Even the inventor of E-mail uses Thunderbird.

Last week:

Has Thunderbird Finally Taken Off?

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| That seems not to be the case if these figures are at all representative of
| the wider world. And even if they're not, it suggests early adopters are,
| well, adopting Thunderbird in significant numbers.



Thunderbird 3.0 to begin ascent next month: what to expect

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| The Thunderbird development community aims to release the first alpha of
| Thunderbird 3 next month. Plans began to take shape yesterday during the very
| first Thunderbird weekly status call meeting, at which developers discussed
| potential features and other issues of relevance. *


Mozilla opens e-mail subsidiary

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| The Mozilla Foundation Tuesday opened Mozilla Messaging, a new subsidiary
| focused on developing its free, open-source Thunderbird e-mail software.


Mozilla Thunderbird 3.0: New calendar, better search

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| Thunderbird 3.0 is due to ship by the end of the year with a more
| comprehensive search feature and official integration of the Lightning
| calendar add-on, said David Ascher, chief executive of the newly named
| Mozilla Messaging subsidiary. The first alpha release will come sooner,
| though, for those who want to test the software. * *


E-mail client Thunderbird 3 to take wing

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| David Ascher, head of the now independent spinoff of Mozilla provisionally
| called MailCo, has presented a rough road map for the development of the
| third version of the Thunderbird open source e-mail client. In the current
| quarter, an alpha version is scheduled to be released followed by a beta
| version in the second quarter, Ascher writes in a newsgroup entry. * *


Mozilla shoots for quick Thunderbird 3.0 alpha

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| "I believe that it's really worthwhile to get a release underway. Testers
| have only had nightlies for quite a while now, and the trunk is already
| notably better than [Thunderbird 2.0] in a number of ways," Mosedale
| continued. "Getting something that we're willing to recommend to a wider
| group of people is a great way to demonstrate real progress." * *


E-mail inventor: I didn't foresee spam

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| He uses Thunderbird, an e-mail application developed by Mozilla, the company
| which distributes the Firefox web browser, but he also has a Gmail account.
| He said he once had to use Outlook – “I didn’t find it particularly
| attractive”, and that for a time he blocked all incoming messages from
| Hotmail, “because they used to carry a lot of viruses – though they’ve
| clamped down on that.”



[Security:] Mozilla Thunderbird vs. Microsoft Outlook

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| For me, I’m going to stick with anything but Outlook for email for the
| reasons I’ve cited above.


10 Reasons You Should be Using Thunderbird

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| 1. Open Source Add-ons
| 2. RSS Management
| 3. Unread Folders
| 4. Thunderbrowse
| 5. The Mozilla Foundation
| 6. Subject or Sender Quick Searc
| 7. Export Features
| 8. Usenet Support
| 9. Sort By
| 10. Adaptive Junk Mail Filtering

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