I'd never liked the tabbed windows in fluxbox, just because the tabs
look like ungainly appendages.

Then I found out that you can configure fluxbox to embed the tabs in the
caption. But I spend a lot of time in the mrxvt console, and it already
supports tabs.

So now I'm shading a bunch of large windows and dealing with navigating
between them: Evolution, Iceweasel, VMWare. Shading, unshading,
dealing with the side-effects of auto-focus/auto-raise.

Then it occurs to me that each of these large windows is about the same
size. So I middle-drag the caption bars onto one window, and navigation
is much simpler. And I can see all titles at once.

Fluxbox is at 1.0.0, and has been for awhile. I wonder what else they
have in store for the future.

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