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Intel ordered to dish documents on deleted antitrust lawsuit e-mails

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| Intel has been ordered to hand over secret employee interviews from an
| internal investigation looking into documents and e-mails that went missing
| during its antitrust trial with AMD.


Microsoft does this too (stories below).

Sun Adds AMD Chips to Its Quad-Core Server Offering

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| Server manufacturer Sun Microsystems has just announced the availability of
| new server systems equipped with Advanced Micro Devices' quad-core Barcelona
| chips. The AMD-based servers are the result of a long collaboration between
| the two manufacturers and aim at giving a cost-effective alternative to the
| Intel-powered counterparts.



AMD alleges Intel suffering an e-mail epidemic

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| McCoy said that the case in Delaware which is sending everyone into the
| deepest of snoozes was "bogged down" because of Intel's "epidemic failure" in
| its ability to produce emails. *


Intel's anti-trust memos started vanishing from the top

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| Chairman Craig Barrett, CEO Paul Otellini and sales chief Sean Maloney
| have appeared on a list of Intel employees thought to have deleted
| e-mails possibly relevant to AMD's anti-trust lawsuit against its
| larger rival. The missing e-mails have thrust a livid state of mind
| onto AMD's lawyers who have very serious problems with Intel's
| rather lax document retention policy.
| [...]
| CEO Otellini appears to have been one of these troublesome employees.


U.S. judge orders Intel to try to recover e-mails

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| Farnan gave Intel 30 days to recover as many of the missing e-mails
| as possible and to draw up a report on the steps it is taking to do
| so, Mulloy said.


AMD: Intel Destroyed Evidence in Antitrust Case

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| In an unpublished statement to the U.S. District Court of Delaware,
| AMD alleges Intel allowed the destruction of evidence in pending
| antitrust litigation.


Microsoft dirty tricks, part two (Bob Cringely)

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| "So the outside vendor was Hewlett-Packard, one of Microsoft's
| hardware OEMs, which is to say Microsoft's bitch.
| The tape disappearance was blamed on HP, which accepted the blame,
| and the employees directly involved kept expecting there to be
| repurcussions, especially legal ones. They expected to be deposed by
| Burst lawyers. But it never happened.
| This was, for Microsoft, a perfect ending. ..."


,----[ Quote ]
| In May 2004, Judge J. Frederick Motz ordered Microsoft to
| investigate Burst.com's claim that, in 2000, Allchin ordered
| Microsoft employees to destroy email after 30 days and not to
| archive their email, suggesting that this deletion policy
| might be an effort to eliminate material that would later be
| damaging in court. This case was settled out of court in March
| 2005, with Microsoft agreeing to pay Burst.com $60 million
| for nonexclusive rights to Burst.com's media player software.

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