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Ark Linux 2008.1 released

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| The Ark Linux team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Ark
| Linux 2008.1, a new version of its easy-to-use, easy-to-learn operating
| system.
| Contrary to our original plan for this release, we have decided to make one
| more release based on KDE 3.x, to provide a stable state-of-art system that
| fixes all known problems with earlier versions before the big move to KDE
| 4.x.


[Clonezilla-release] Clonezilla live 1.0.9-10 (stable) released

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| Stable Clonezilla live 1.0.9-10 was released. Newer packages are used in
| this release, and some bugs were fixed. We also added newer functions.



Review: Ark Linux H2O 2007.1

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| Overall Ark is a pretty decent OS for the new user. *It's got some rather
| bothersome show stopping bugs that need to be worked out before I can
| recommend it to new users, but like any little lump of coal, at some point in
| time it's going to turn into a little gem. *So there is a lot of hope there
| for the future. *Depending on how well Ark matures over the coming months and
| years, especially in how it handles hardware, I can't really see where this
| particular distribution couldn't easily find its way onto my short list of
| recommended distributions for the new user. *It's certainly got the
| potential. * * * *


Ark Linux 2007.1 Released!

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| The release of Ark Linux 2007.1 also marks the beginning of the development
| cycle for Ark Linux 2007.2 - over the next few days, we will upgrade our
| development tree "dockyard-devel" to snapshots of the upcoming KDE 4.0
| desktop. Ark Linux 2007.2 is expected to be released shortly after KDE 4.0 -
| a pre-release for developers and people who are curious about KDE 4.0 will be
| made available as soon as the migration is complete.


Ark Linux H2O - 2007.1

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| If you like KDE, is very unlikely that you will be disappointed with this
| distribution; if you prefer Gnome, maybe this is not the right distribution
| for you.


Manage partitions and disks with GParted-Clonezilla live CD

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| For a home user or an administrator with just a few systems, the
| GParted-Clonezilla live CD is an excellent tool for managing disks. It can
| save you several hours when preparing new disks or migrating partitions from
| one disk to another. It's also a fantastic way to move a partition that's not
| around free space into a bigger partition without much fuss. * *

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