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Ubuntu Hardware Compatibility List. Know It, Love It

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| One of the most outright frustrating experiences using a Linux distribution
| is having hardware that absolutely, positively will not work with it for
| whatever reason.
| But what if you’re building a box? Is there any way to find out what hardware
| will work best?
| Yes. It’s called the Hardware Compatibility List or HCL for short.


The matrix on your Hardy Desktop

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| If you use compiz it is easy to set the glmatrix screensaver as your desktop
| background.


Nice screenshots.


Linux Driver Project Status Report as of April 2008

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| The Linux Driver Project (LDP) is alive and well, with over 300 developers
| wanting to participate, many drivers already written and accepted into the
| Linux kernel tree, and many more being currently developed. The main problem
| is a lack of projects. It turns out that there really isn't much hardware
| that Linux doesn't already support. Almost all new hardware produced is
| coming with a Linux driver already written by the company, or by the
| community with help from the company.



Linux device driver project needs more unsupported devices to work on!

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| The problem is that even though Kroah-Hartman and his developers are willing
| to sign NDAs (nondisclosure agreements) for companies that are reluctant to
| open up their devices to open source, businesses are still hanging
| back. "What we need now is more companies participating in the project,"
| Kroah-Hartman said. * *
| [...]
| He also wondered if the problem of Linux device drivers has been
| overstated...


Avoid Linux device support issues: A few minutes of research can make all the

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| You may have heard stories of Linux not being able to support some critical
| pieces of hardware, such as 3D graphics cards or WiFi. While Linux actually
| supports more hardware than any other operating system out there, it is *
| certainly annoying when the one piece of hardware you need is not on the
| list. *

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