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Linux: Who got it right, who got it very wrong?

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| Open-source software, once derided as the unsupportable and unreliable work
| of hobbyists, has secured itself a place at the table of many a large
| enterprise, although in ways that were different than many expected even five
| years ago.
| By promoting a culture of transparency and forcing independent software
| vendors and service providers to add value in new ways, open source can be
| lauded for shaking up an industry that was ripe for a change. Instead of
| thinking in terms of market domination and customer lock-in, the industry is
| now prepared to work for its lunch — and to respect the customers' desire for
| a better option, whether it's open source or otherwise.


“Analysts sell out - that’s their business model… But they are very concerned
that they never look like they are selling out, so that makes them very
prickly to work with.”

–Microsoft, internal document


PC deal could save public sector billions

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| Suffolk told Gartner, “I think we have fundamentally failed on a worldwide
| basis as an IT industry to understand the cost of what we do. And I roundly
| blame Gartner for this, because you guys are the ones who come up with TCO
| [total cost of ownership] benchmarking. It has become a self-fulfilling
| prophecy.
| “So, I go out and I pick boring desktop infrastructure. What price do you
| think the suppliers broadly pitch? You will not be shocked to know that it is
| somewhere around the Gartner TCO benchmark.”

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