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Verizon Wireless, seven others join Linux phone org

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| Verizon Wireless has chosen Linux as its mobile phone "platform of choice,"
| it said. Starting with feature phones in 2009, followed by iPhone
| competitors, Verizon will offer Linux phones compliant with specifications
| from the Linux Mobile Foundation (LiMo), an industry group it joined today,
| along with seven other companies.


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Update: Verizon, Mozilla join mobile Linux group

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| Verizon Wireless is throwing its support behind mobile Linux, becoming the
| first U.S. operator to join the LiMo Foundation, a group developing mobile
| Linux technology


Verizon Wireless to introduce Linux phones

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| Verizon Wireless is backing a free operating system that competes with
| programs from Microsoft Corp., Google Inc. and Qualcomm Inc. and expects it
| to become the "preferred" software on its network.



BusyBox Developers, SFLC Sue Verizon for GPL Infringement

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| The same two principal developers already successfully sued Monsoon Media,
| and they have litigation pending against Xterasys Corporation and High-Gain
| Antennas, LLC. Here is the press release from the Software Freedom Law Center
| on the Verizon suit, followed by the complaint as text. *


Verizon Being Sued for GPL Infringement

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| According to the SFLC, Verizon can be added to the list of companies
| infringing on the GPL. They filed a lawsuit in New York yesterday (pdf)
| alleging that the company is handing out routers using the GPL'd
| software 'BusyBox' without accompanying source code. * *


Palamida Exec Chides Verizon For Not Responding On GPL Suit

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| "I'm a little surprised by it, to tell you the truth," Tolliver said in a
| recent interview. Palamida is a supplier of risk management software for
| managing an enterprise's software assets. Its auditing system scans code and
| identifies its origins, from open source projects or other known sources. *
| "Usually these issues can be resolved before pretty promptly," he added. But
| Verizon had no response to the center when it sent a letter notifying Verizon
| of a violation, and it's had no response since the center filed a suit Dec. 7
| in federal District Court for the Southern District of New York. * *


Biggest legal victory ever for GPL

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| For decades, almost no one challenged the General Public License in legal
| matters. In fact, no one has even dared to try to break it in court. That
| record remains unsullied as the biggest company to date--Verizon--that had
| been accused of a GPL violation opted to settle out of court.


BusyBox Developers Agree To End GPL Lawsuit Against Verizon

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| The Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC) today announced that agreements have
| been reached to dismiss the GPL enforcement lawsuit filed by SFLC against
| Verizon Communications Inc. on behalf of two principal developers of BusyBox.
| Verizon distributes BusyBox to its FiOS customers in devices that are
| provided to Verizon by Actiontec Electronics, Inc.


Verizon Settles GPL Lawsuit

,----[ Quote ]
| The settlement calls for Actiontec to appoint an Open Source Compliance
| Officer as well as ensuring that Actiontec properly makes available the
| BusyBox source code that it uses. *Additionally Actiontec will pay BusyBox
| an 'undisclosed' financial sum.


Verizon to support the Linux desktop, but only if your rich...

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| Verizon has been supporting the linux desktop for Red Hat for
| various applications for a while now. It wasn't until recently
| that with the help of some unpaid employees that they got it
| working for Ubuntu.


Member review of Verizon FIOS

,----[ Quote ]
| For the broadband installation, one thing I really didn’t want was to have
| Verizon install a bunch of junk software on my computer. So when it was time
| to set up the connection I offered the tech a linux laptop. He said, “Linux,
| what’s that?” I said, let's try it anyway. The normal procedure is to connect
| your computer, go to a special website and download a bunch of software, then
| set up your account username and password and agree to a terms of service. Of
| course, going to the special website we get the message, “your operating
| system is not supported”. I asked the tech to call his support, who laughed
| when he heard the word linux, but then relented and gave us an extra special
| website with login and password where we could set everything up without
| downloading software. Yay! The TV and phone setup were completely
| straightforward. * * * * *


Verizon makes nice with P2P

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| So what’s it to be? Well Verizon appears, at least to be considering a middle
| road, one where instead of working against P2P, or just putting up with its
| traffic costs, it will offer protocols to help co-operate with P2P networks
| to deliver entertainment, by better understanding the conditions of the
| network it is traveling over. That really IS open. * *


Thin clients in, PCs out at Verizon Wireless

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| Sun's Sun Ray is unique among thin clients, many of which still use
| some kind of embedded Windows or Linux operating system, even though
| the applications are shifted to servers.
| [...]
| With about 5,000 Sun Ray terminals installed at three Western call
| centers, and a fourth in progress, Verizon has seen a 60% to 70%
| drop in desktop problems and a 30% decline in electrical use at
| each center.


Verizon Business Expands OS Support for Enterprises

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| "Windows is our most deployed system, but Linux is our fastest-growing
| one..."
| [...]
| He also said that AIX and UX also have strong cross-platform
| compatibility with systems like Linux, and are well designed to
| handle applications requiring huge memory and scalability.


Verizon takes over Microsoft TV code

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| Unhappy over the memory footprint of applications and delays in rolling
| them out, Verizon has ditched some of Microsoft's television software and
| has chosen instead to write its own.

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