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JavaFX, Java On Linux & Oracle JSF

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| Adobe or earlier Macromedia were never a much talked about company at JavaOne
| but suddenly with Flex and Flash, Adobe is the talk of JavaOne, with most
| looking at javaFX as an attempt to compete with Adobe's Flash and Flex.


Sun to Clarify JavaFX Open-source Plan Later This Year

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| While Sun executives have said that JavaFX, the company's nascent rich
| Internet application (RIA) development product family and eventual competitor
| to Adobe's Flash and Microsoft's Silverlight, will be entirely open source, a
| FAQ page on Sun's site appears to contradict that.
| "The JavaFX Script language, currently being developed with the community's
| help (see OpenJFX project), will have a grammar and syntax that are open
| source. Some parts of the language are already open source," it states, but
| adds, "the JavaFX compiler, runtime engine, player, and tools currently under
| development are not expected to be open source."


A free RIA platform is urgently needed.

Java in 2008

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| The Future · If you want to read some really smart words on this subject, and
| you have a half-hour to spare, hop on over to Steve Yegge’s Dynamic Languages
| Strike Back. What Steve said. ¶
| As far as languages go, higher-level is the future. As far as platforms go, I
| wouldn’t want to bet against Java.



JavaFX: Open source or not?

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| Will JavaFX, Sun's new rich Internet applications platform, be open source?
| That's certainly the impression that many took away from JavaOne. On his
| blog, JavaFX booster Julian Exenberger says, "If Sun makes good on it's
| promises, JavaFX will be the only fully open source RIA with a fully open
| source runtime. It will even have open source development tools."
| [...]
| All modern software is made up of innumerable modules and components, so the
| debate as to how many of those need to be open source for the entire package
| to be considered open source is probably philosophical at this point. Still,
| it seems that Sun's New New Thing could be at the center of yet another
| tedious open source battle.


Sun to Change Licensing, Other Rules for Java

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| "Open source and the effect it's having on the software industry is having a
| similar effect on the JCP, and we are likely to make changes in the process
| based on that," Curran said. "We like open source and the great benefits it
| has brought to the industry."


Sun: Java ubiquity an advantage in RIA battle

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| Sun Microsystems is counting on the ubiquitous nature of Java to help its
| JavaFX technology compete in the rich Internet application (RIA) space
| against rivals Adobe Systems and Microsoft.
| [...]
| "The Java runtime is on over 900 million desktops today," Singh said. Every
| month, there are 40 million downloads of updates to the Java runtime, he
| said. Additionally, there are more than 2.2 mobile phones with Java on them,
| not to mention Java's presence in 100 percent of Blu-ray devices, said Singh.


Sun Shows How JavaFX Creates Rich Internet Applications at JavaOne

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| Rich Green, executive vice president of Software at Sun, outlined in his
| keynote presentation at JavaOne in San Francisco a roadmap for the JavaFX
| family of products that includes a high performance declarative scripting
| language, JavaFX Script - created for Web scripters, designers and developers
| to quickly build and deliver the next generation of RIAs for desktop, mobile,
| TV and other consumer devices.


UP students get award from father of Java

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| "It is really a great honor that Mr. James Gosling handpicked us as one of
| the winners of the Duke's Choice Awards and also, the fact that we are the
| first Filipinos to have won this award really made it a special feeling. Of
| course, we are happy and surprised because we didn't expect it and when we
| were doing this project, it is never our intention to join this contest,"
| said Jaymee Gatapia, a fourth-year computer science student and member of the
| UP Judo varsity team, in an e-mail interview.


Sun Set to Win Developer Battle

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| Already in many studies on developer platform choice, the battle typically is
| drawn between the Microsoft .Net camp and the Java camp. But with the
| emergence of a new set of qualifications around developer/designer workflow
| and the advent of RIAs (rich Internet applications), the battleground is
| becoming more cluttered with new entrants and different models. Sun hopes to
| be in that fray.


JAVAONE - Sun defends JavaFX Script

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| This question was raised during the JavaOne conference in San Francisco this
| week, with an attendee wondering why Sun needed to have its own scripting
| variant. JavaFX Script is part of Sun's JavaFX rich Internet application
| platform, first announced a year ago but being filled out with product
| deliverables this year.
| With JavaFX Script, Sun is offering up a scripting language very similar to
| what already was available, argued developer Angsuman Chakraborty, CEO of
| Taragana. It is hard for developers to learn another language, Chakraborty
| said.


Sun unveils RIA toolset, new project for developers

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| Green also demonstrated a JavaFX application running on the Android Emulator,
| a Linux-based software platform for mobile devices developed by Google Inc.
| and the Open Handset Alliance. However, a public relations representative
| notified Computerworld during the live webcast of the keynote noting that the
| demo was "not a product announcement. Sun has no plans around Android at this
| time."


JavaFX: A Bright Future on Open Source-Based Mobile Devices?

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| I've written before about how Linux may arrive on 20 percent of cell phones
| by 2010--a prediction originally made by ABI Research.


Sun's JavaFX to hoover-up user data

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| "We are simply a technology provider," Schwartz told JavaOne. He said the
| Java FX platform would enable developers to escape the clutches of a hostile
| operating system, browser or technology provider. No names mentioned, but
| that's Microsoft, Microsoft and, er, Microsoft. With Google maybe thrown in
| for good measure.

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