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The best desktop OS is...

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| Can Linux be cracked? Sure, any system can be cracked. That's not the
| question. The question is: Which system is fundamentally more secure and
| easier to keep secure?" The winning answer by a mile is Linux, and that's why
| I'm sticking with it for my primary desktop.


Hackers hijack a half-million sites in latest attack

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| The last massive site attack was less than three weeks ago, when sites that
| included government URLs in the UK and some domains operated by the United
| Nations were hacked. At the time, some researchers said that bugs in
| Microsoft's SQL Server or Internet Information Services (IIS) server software
| was to blame. A few days later, however, Microsoft denied responsibility.


That phpbb thing is what got me. It's just some software, but not Linux or GNU.
Not even PHP... phpbb has buggy uploaders on the face of it.

Hackers create their own social network

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| Hackers now have their own social network, backed by GnuCitizen, a
| high-profile "ethical hacking" group.



New Zealand teenager convicted over international cyber crime ring

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| Owen Thor Walker, 18, known by his online name "AKILL," was involved in a
| network accused of infiltrating 1.3 million computers and skimming millions
| of dollars from victims' bank accounts. *


Internet has a garbage problem, researcher says

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| Somewhere between 1 percent and 3 percent of all traffic on the Internet is
| meaningless packets of information, used in distributed denial of service
| attacks (DDOS) to knock Web sites offline. *


Spam blights e-mail 15 years on

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| More than 90% of all e-mail is spam, according to anti-spam body Spamhaus.
| "Spam is a real life arms race," said Mark Sunner, chief analyst at online
| security firm Message Labs.
| Billions of spam e-mails are sent each day, blocking mail servers, slowing
| down networks, infecting people's computers with viruses, helping hijack
| machines and generally making the internet a painful experience for many. *


No April Fools'--Storm worm is back

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| The compromised computer will then install the downloaded file as C:
| \WINDOWS\aromis.exe. Nazario reports that the botnet file opens the firewall
| using the netsh firewall set command, makes a lot of outbound connections,
| then listens on a random UDP port. *


What spooks Microsoft's chief security advisor

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| Speaking at the Boston SecureWorld conference Wednesday, the 19-year
| Microsoft veteran whose job includes protecting enterprises, developers and
| Microsoft itself said there actually is plenty of good news on the security
| front. For example, his outfit scans a half million devices (with customer
| permission) per month and in the first half of last year saw the first
| period-over-period decline in new vulnerabilities disclosed across Microsoft
| and non-Microsoft software since 2003. * * *
| However, 3,400 new vulnerabilities were discovered and “it’s still a big
| number,” Arsenault says. “So if vulnerability rates are down, where are
| they?” *

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