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Out of the door: Tax treatment tempts businesses to move country

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| As multinationals become more skillful at managing their intellectual
| property, there are tax as well as commercial advantages. By holding brands
| and patents in low-tax countries and charging other subsidiaries for their
| use, profits are lowered in high-tax countries. Unsurprisingly, these shifts
| of intellectual capital are unpopular with many tax authorities. Two years
| ago, Mark Everson, former commissioner of the US Internal Revenue Service,
| warned that the increasing transfer of intangibles was a “high-risk
| compliance concern”, adding: “Taxpayers, especially in the high technology
| and pharmaceutical industries, are shifting profits offshore.”



Against Intellectual Monopoly

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| Many – including myself - believe that a better description of copyright and
| patents is to call them “intellectual monopolies”, since they are just that:
| state-granted monopolies that give the power to exclude others from using
| certain kinds of ideas. *
| Once you move away from the loaded “intellectual property”, you can examine
| objectively whether such intellectual monopolies are, in fact, beneficial for
| society – both in terms of those holding them, and those who must operate
| with them. *


Tech Fusion Outline: Organising the World's Knowledge.

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| # Dissolving WIPO - The World Intellectual Property Organisation needs to be
| shut down - or its job transformed into one which *protects* sovereign
| nations from the interference of intellectual "property" hoarding. I consider
| the concept of "Intellectual Property" to be "slavery". even the name says
| so! Intellectual. Property. Intelligence. Owned. Information. Enslaved. It's
| got to stop. We're not a bunch of savages. any more. * *
| # Dissolution of Patents. See above. Also: see the documentary "The
| Corporation". Even the reasons why the Patent system was created is flawed:
| hoarding of information so that the inventor can benefit from it is so
| completely against the grain of an enlightened world that it hardly needs
| mentioning - but there will be people reading this who will genuinely
| believe - just like the Victorians did about their life-long human captives -
| that Slavery is perfectly acceptable because "everyone does it". * * *
| # Banning of Articles of Incorporation with "profit" as the main focus. This
| is absolutely essential. There are plenty of alternative Articles of
| Incorporation where profits are made, but not at the expense of world
| resources. Companies House has a boilerplate designed for social clubs. *

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