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Linux delivers dramatic virtualisation performance

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| Teong said, “Companies in Malaysia are now under increasing pressure to boost
| productivity of their IT infrastructures and cut costs. Virtualisation
| enables chief information officers to produce flexible, shared resource
| pools – servers, storage, and network connections – resulting in a ‘virtual
| infrastructure’. It is a way of maximising resources and lowering IT systems
| maintenance costs. As such, we expect Red Hat Enterprise Linux to be very
| well received in this country.”



The truth about KVM and Xen

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| When the distros first shipped Xen, it was done mostly out of desperation.
| Virtualization was, and still is, the "hot" thing. Linux did not provide any
| native hypervisor capability. Most Linux developers didn't even really know
| that much about virtualization. Xen was a pretty easy to use purpose-built
| kernel that had a pretty good community. So we made the hasty decision to
| ship Xen instead of investing in making Linux a proper hypervisor.
| This decision has come back to haunt us now in the form of massive confusion.
| When people talk about Xen not being merged into Linux, I don't think they
| realize that Xen will *never* be merged into Linux. Xen will always be a
| separate, purpose-built kernel. There are patches to Linux that enable it to
| run well as a guest under Xen. These patches are likely to be merged in the
| future, but Xen will never been a part of the Linux kernel.
| [...]
| Looking at the rest of the industry, I'm surprised that other kernels haven't
| gone in the direction of Linux in terms of adding hypervisor support directly
| to the kernel.
| Why is Windows not good enough to act a hypervisor such that Microsoft had to
| write a new kernel from scratch (Hyper-V)?
| Why is Solaris not good enough to act as a hypervisor requiring Sun to ship
| Xen in xVM? Solaris is good enough to run enterprise workloads but not good
| enough to run a Windows VM? Really? Maybe :-)
| Forget about all of the "true hypervisor" FUD you may read. The real question
| to ask yourself is what is so wrong with these other kernels that they aren't
| capable of running virtual machines well and instead have to rely on a
| relatively young and untested microkernel to do their heavy lifting?


KVM and Xen cofounders engage in war of words

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| Maybe, but Pratt was responding to his KVM’s competitors’ claims that Xen’s
| days are numbered because of KVM’s tight integration with the Linux kernel.

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