"OK, I'm giving Linux one last go. I bought the Mandriva powerpack a couple
of years ago and installed it on my laptop, but it never managed to
recognise my external monitor properly, despite me spending a couple of days
on this forum to try to find out why, and doing all of the seemingly
unnecessarily complicated things that were supposed to fix the problem but
didn't. So eventually I just gave up and removed Mandriva. Now I am trying
to install it again using the 2006 CD on a desktop. It boots from the CD
into Mandriva, but then when I try to start the installation it says that
the CDROM device that it has just booted from isn't installed.... This is
not a good sign.

I don't have time to spend ages trying to get this to work and following an
endless trail of complicated semi-solutions. I just need a disk I can stick
in to install the OS which actually works, and does everything without me
having to be pro-active about it."