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What to expect from Ubuntu 8.10

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| Also on the desktop, the timing is right for OpenOffice.org version 3.0 to be
| included in the Intrepid release so long as the planned September release
| date for OpenOffice is met. OpenOffice 3.0 includes a number of new features,
| from better document support to spreadsheet collaboration, that will make it
| a more compelling office suite.


Why we love Ubuntu Linux (or maybe we don't)

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| With Ubuntu 8.04 now on the streets, it’s time to catch a breather and
| reflect on just why Ubuntu gets all the hype. Why is Ubuntu the hottest brand
| in Linuxdom at this time? Why is it the distro most frequently advocated? I
| posed these questions to readers and LUG members; here’s the feedback from
| real-life Linux users.
| [...]
| Tim agrees; “I have to say that I love Ubuntu. People often talk about MS
| [Microsoft] – the computer disease, not the physical one – being able to be
| used ‘out of the box.’ I can seriously say that Ubuntu finds most of my
| hardware straight up, more than Windows ever did.”



Ubuntu Linux 8.10

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| With the release of Ubuntu Hardy Heron now behind us most eyes are turned to
| October when Intrepid Ibex, or Ubuntu Linux 8.10, will make its debut. While
| Hardy Heron was designed to be stable enough to be a long-term support
| release, Intrepid Ibex promises to be packed with more exciting features.


Microsoft Profit Drops; Forecast May Miss Estimates

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| The world's biggest software maker said sales of Windows for PCs sank 24
| percent and revenue from its online advertising unit came in at the low end
| of its projections. Microsoft's report contrasted with positive comments from
| chipmaker Intel Corp. and computer company International Business Machines
| Corp.
| [...]
| Microsoft declined $1.60 to $30.20 in extended trading after closing at
| $31.80 at 4 p.m. New York time on the Nasdaq Stock Market. The stock has
| fallen 11 percent this year.

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