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Ubuntu in Vermist

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| In today’s episode of spot the operating system we present to you the Belgian
| movie Vermist where police detectives apparently use Ubuntu as their
| operating system of choice.



French police deal blow to Microsoft

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| The French paramilitary police force said Wednesday it is ditching Microsoft
| for the free Linux operating system, becoming one of the biggest
| administrations in the world to make the break.



Germany Police Union Wants GNU/Linux

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| The demand of the police union now is to drop the Microsoft-based software
| and to reconsider the usage of free and open source systems instead.


Swedish police saves 400 cars by using MySQL


The Swedish National Police Move to an Open Source Infrastructure With MySQL
Enterprise Unlimited

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| Swedish National Police is implementing an enterprise-wide project for
| building all future IT systems on an open source software ("OSS")
| infrastructure based upon Linux, MySQL and JBoss. Several existing systems
| are currently being migrated and all future projects will be developed on
| this OSS foundation. * *


Police Career - Linux Computer Systems in Law Enforcement

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| Kent Police have lowered the cost of running their major criminal
| investigations system by a factor of 90%...
| [...]
| Delivery of the first Linux systems to the West Yorkshire police
| force could see police forces throughout England and Wales
| unanimously switching to Linux desktops in a new pilot scheme...
| [...]
| The New South Wales Police department is currently undertaking a
| major upgrade to its information infrastructure, made necessary
| due to the increasing volume of data handled by the force, and
| they're switching to Linux systems to handle the load...
| [...]
| Scottish police forces have also developed a Linux-based system for
| ensuring that they comply with the Freedom of Information Act
| legislation...
| [...]
| Police in the city of Munich have switched 14,000 of their department
| computers from Microsoft's Windows operating system to Linux.


Mail and Safari banned from the French gendarmerie

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| The Macs' future in the Gendarmerie has become ever gloomier since
| the very day this institution decided to get rid of Microsoft
| software. From now on the gendarmes will be using Linux-running
| PCs. Since you can't get a Mac without OSX, the fight can be
| considered as lost. At least, this was a place where Apple has
| been surviving longer than Microsoft...


Swedish Police Commission Introduces Open Source

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| [PJ: Our own Karl Jorgensen translates for us the following article
| from Sweden:] The police commission has decided to allow Open Source
| programs into it's IT environment. They expect to save hundreds of
| millions of kronor. "We want more freedom of choice," says Head of
| IT Lena Charpentier. The police commission has now finished its
| evaluation of open source. The result is positive. "We have tested
| it and seen that it works."... Doesn't it cost to migrate? "Of
| course migration costs. But over the long term, going for open
| source makes recruitment easier, as open source is common
| in the universities."

http://computersweden.idg.se/2.139/1.81493 (in Swedish)

Police hack into PM's computers

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| Detectives in Britain's cash-for-honours inquiry were forced to hack
| into Downing Street computers in the search for evidence, The Sunday
| Telegraph has discovered.


Skype encryption stumps police

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| These searches are especially important in cases where the suspects are aware
| that their internet traffic and phone calls may be monitored and choose to
| store sensitive information directly on their hard drives without emailing
| it. *
| Spyware computer searches are illegal in Germany, where people are sensitive
| about police surveillance due to the history of the Nazis' Gestapo secret
| police and the former East German Stasi. *


Microsoft could be teaching police to hack Vista

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| Microsoft may begin training the police in ways to break the
| encryption built into its forthcoming Vista operating system.


Microsoft hosts its own police academy

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| For instance, attendees will learn how to pull evidence off PDAs running
| Windows CE and how to gather evidence from Microsoft's online services and
| products like Hotmail and Windows, says Aaron Kornblum, a senior attorney for
| Microsoft's Internet Safety Enforcement Team.

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