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Software centre at varsity - Awareness, training on free programmes

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| Jadavpur University has joined hands with the Calcutta-based Institute for
| Open Technology and Application (IOTA) to set up the state’s first free and
| open source software research centre. It is expected to be ready in a month.
| [...]
| The free and open source software movement, however, is gaining momentum in
| the state. In 2006, the state chief electoral officer directed all district
| magistrates to switch from Microsoft Office, a proprietary software package,
| to Open Office, an open-source software bundle, for poll-related work.



Freeing software for users

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| GNU Linux distributions such as Ubuntu and free and open source software such
| as OpenOffice have started posing a serious challenge to proprietary giants.
| The ideology of free software can be explored more easily by encountering the
| people using and popularising it. *
| Yet another organisation that is at the forefront of using cyber space for
| local content is the non-profit organisation Society for Promotion of
| Alternative Computing and Employment (SPACE). For four years, SPACE has been
| promoting free software and encouraging local participation in using new
| technology. SPACE works to popularise Linux and is the workhorse behind many
| Goverment projects such as IT @ School. * * *
| [...]
| Adds Dineshan M, a teacher associated with IT @ School: “A teacher should
| impart value to his students. Discouraging the use of pirated copies of
| expensive software and promoting GNU/Linux comes naturally to me as a
| teacher.” * * *


Wipro Microsoft alliance is a shame for all Indians – alliance or slavery?

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| The alliance uses Microsoft technologies instead of challenging Gates in his
| own game. Wipro is just a servant of Microsoft facilitating Indian cyber
| slavery under the American corporate banners. *


Using NGOs to Push Agendas

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| The extent to which Microsoft can go in its efforts to get OOXML is
| interesting. Microsoft has "persuaded" several non-profit organizations to
| bombard the Indian IT Secretary and the Additional Director General of the
| Bureau of Indian Standards with letters supporting its OOXML proposal. A copy
| of the form letter they have been circulating to NGOs is given below.
| Somebody should interview these NGOs to see how much they really know about
| OOXML and open standards.
| The sequence of events leading up to the spamming of GoI? is:
| Letter from an NGO thanking Microsoft (name changed to protect their
| identity)


Microsoft India using NGOs to fake support for OOXML

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