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paldo 1.14 released10 May 2008

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| We are pleased to announce the release of paldo 1.14 with many bug fixes and
| updates.
| During this development cycle we could integrate some major changes. One of
| the bigger moves was the update to GNOME 2.22, which brought many new
| features like better support for network filesystems, a polished evolution
| version, and some window compositing eye-candy.


New version also of ADIOS @



Paldo melds source-based and binary in one distro

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| Paldo Linux is a cross between a source-based and binary distribution. It
| installs as a binary system to provide a quick and easy desktop. Once it's
| running, users can either build packages from source as they would with
| Gentoo, or install binary packages, as is common with Debian, openSUSE, or
| Mandriva. Paldo's main features are an easy hard drive installer, GNOME
| desktop environment, and Upkg package management system. Stable version 1.12
| was released last month. I found it to be one of the more interesting and
| promising distros to come along in a long time. * * *


Test Driving Paldo, the Upkg Driven Linux Distribution

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| Overall, I kinda liked Paldo. It looks nice and clean, it runs smooth (even
| live). The installation was a total pleasure and the whole experience was
| pretty much a joy. However, after playing around more with Upkg, I’ve reached
| the conclusion it’s not the package manager I’ll choose to use on a daily
| basis. Yes, installing additional software is easy but as long as the package
| is already in the Paldo repository. * *


Paldo GNU/Linux 1.2: Yet Another Generic Distro

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| If you've never heard of Paldo, you need to check DistroWatch more. This
| completely new hybrid distribution (source *and* binary backage management)
| has started to get some major attention, and one site even went so far as to
| call it "this year's Sabayon". *


Paldo 1.12 - From Switzerland comes a new flavor of Linux

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| I am honestly pleased to give this package a 4 Pennie review. The
| installation was a pure joy, and running the desktop in live and native modes
| was also very rewarding. *


Interview with a Linux Titan

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| My interview with Jurg Billeter, or juergbi on IRC, took place on a cold
| November morning, the day before the release of Paldo 1.12. If you have not
| heard of Paldo, you are missing out on one of the most intuitive "just work"
| distros out there. It's stable, fast, comes in x86 and x86_64 flavours, uses
| it's own package manager called upkg and can be used as a live CD or
| installed onto your HD. * * *

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