From: High Plains Thumper
Subject: Re: Troll Alert - Moshe Goldfarb
Date: Sun, 11 May 2008 08:49:18 -0600

Canuck57 wrote:
> "Ezekiel" wrote...
>> "Rich" wrote...
>> According to the "know it all" advocates here Vista is going
>> to be a flop and will put Microsoft out of business. The
>> same way they predicted that XP would be a flop and put MS
>> out of business. And the same way they predicted that Win2k
>> would be a flop and put MS out of business.

> Didn't say Vista is going to put Microsoft out of business.
> But is going to seriously damage their brand image.
> No amount of marketing FUD from the likes of Moshe is going to
> change the fact that Vista has serious issues that after 16
> months from release don't appear to be addressed.

Most have Moshe Goldfarb kill filed. IMHO, he is a well known
nymshifting troll:

In the blogspot, one will see several childish drivel comments,
which seem to be by him. However, observers have posted other
comments that note worthily document this troll's nastiness and

To increase his lunacy coverage, his replies add cross posts to
off-topic groups not intended by the original poster. By doing
so, he thinks he is assisting the Microsoft Corporation to
promote its alternatives to Linux. Instead, he is driving away
reasonable posters from all forums that he propagates his stench
to, Microsoft advocacy included.

Those who care to submit complaints to, one
Usenet ISP he uses will do a great service in helping to end his
comment spam.