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Ubuntu: Smells Like Team Spirit

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| Many Linux distributions have names that one would not expect of an open
| source software product, and some of these names have begun to grow into the
| broader culture because of it.
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| The Boston Celtics, for example, recently adopted the word Ubuntu. The word
| Ubuntu is South African for “a philosophy of life that promotes the greater
| good rather than individual success.”



OpenSolaris fans in a tizzy over 'Project Copy Linux'

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| Sun Microsystems has moved one mailing list posting closer to explaining
| how it plans to mimic the Linux distribution model with OpenSolaris.
| [...]
| The Solaris vendor spent the early part of this century mocking Linux.
| Next, it forced then CEO Scott McNealy to don a penguin suit and waddle
| around in front of analysts, extolling the virtues of Sun's own flavor
| of Linux. Then, Sun scrapped its own Linux in favor of selling Red Hat,
| while also mocking Red Hat.
| Now we find Sun trying to imitate part of the development model pushed
| by Canonical and Red Hat. Even though Sun likes to hold tight control
| over the Solaris proper releases, you can imagine the vendor picking
| up valuable bits and pieces created by the OpenSolaris developer
| community, just like the Linux vendors do with the work produced by
| their developer armies.

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