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Linux in Under 5 Minutes

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| While the majority of web workers are Windows- and Mac-based, there are a lot
| of good, free ways to open up to the rich world of Linux applications, too.
| Some people go to the trouble of using virtualization tools to run Linux
| locally on the same machine they have their primary operating systems on. You
| don’t have to go to these lengths, though. In this post, I’ll cover ways to
| get into using Linux and applications for it running from nothing more than a
| CD or USB key.


Running Linux Over Windows Without Virtualization

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| In the April issue (andLinux: A Parallel Workstation, page 98), we discussed
| about andLinux, which co-exists with Windows. When you install andLinux on
| any Windows system, it is installed as an application.


These are not Linux sites and they encourage readers to try GNU/Linux, which is
a great sign of mainstreaming.

Microsoft used to play dirty until antitrust threat arose (details below).


Microsoft insults our intelligence on Virtualization security

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| Microsoft has once again pulled out the security argument for its
| decision again and I must say that I find it rather insulting. *It’s
| not that I think Microsoft doesn’t have a right as a private business
| to set the terms of the EULA as they see fit, but don’t take us for f
| ools. *If they want to restrict Virtualization, just come out and
| say it and don’t make up ridiculous excuses for it.
| [...]
| Trying to stop a Hypervisor Rootkit with a EULA is like trying to
| stop Malware with a EULA.


Vista Home Editions Won't Run On Mac, Linux Virtual Machines

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| That means Linux aficionados or users of Apple Macs will not legally
| be able to use software from vendors such as Parallels or EMC's VMWare
| to create so-called virtual machines on their desktops to run Vista
| alongside their favorite OS. Windows users wanting to run Vista in a
| virtual machine environment for security or productivity purposes
| also will need either the Business or Ultimate Edition.

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