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Is The US Ready For The Next Level Of Cyber Combat? Maybe.

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| Now, if West Point’s admission that its Linux- and FreeBSD-based network took
| but three weeks to establish is anything to go by, it’s default strength may
| also prove surprisingly resilient in the face of artificially-induced fault
| or compromise. Notch another win for open source?


The US military and defence gradually move to GNU/Linux. It's pretty major
because they become reliant on Linux. None of this is going away any time


Convincing the Military to Embrace Open Source

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| "Sixty five percent of our applications run on Linux, and over 60 percent of
| our databases leverage open source solutions. We use Linux, Apache, MySQL,
| PHP, Python and Perl (a combination of software programs known as LAMP
| stacks). Over the years, since 1994, we've easily saved more than $500,000 in
| software licenses. While the cost benefits have been substantial,
| improvements in interoperability along with quick procurement cycles and
| boosts to staff morale -- programmers really like 'owning their code' -- have
| been key driving forces. This has been the true value of LAMP and our other
| open source initiatives," Welty said. * * * *



Conference Highlights Open Technology Adoption within Defense and
Intelligence Systems *

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| "When we rolled into Baghdad, we did it using open source," General
| Justice continued. "It may come as a surprise to many of you, but the
| U.S. Army is "the" single largest install base for Red Hat Linux.
| I'm their largest customer."


Army Seeks to Catalyze Open Source Intelligence

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| A new U.S. Army Field Manual is intended to advance the development
| and use of open source intelligence (OSINT), which is intelligence
| that is derived from publicly available data legally obtained.


A Network Appliance Platform for Linux Applications at the US Department of

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| U.S. military requirements for network devices are growing more and
| more demanding, making a flexible Linux-based platform the foundation
| of choice.


High-integrity software is key topic at 2007 Military Technologies Conference

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| Following Tokar will be Redge Bartholomew, engineering manager at Rockwell
| Collins on "Static Analysis as an Example Approach to High Integrity Open
| Source Software."
| [...]
| "Why High Integrity Software Requires Open Source Tools," is the
| presentation of the module's last speaker, Robert Dewar, president and
| chief executive officer of AdaCore.


Department of Defense Releases Open Technology Development Roadmap

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| According to OSSI, "OTD methodology will enable DoD organizations
| and contractors to rapidly adapt and extend existing software capabilities
| in response to shifting threats and requirements without, being locked in
| to a specific vendor or held hostage to proprietary technologies."

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