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IE-only marketing campaign skewed Firefox, Safari numbers

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| An "extremely large" marketing campaign among a small number of sites that
| targeted only users of IE was responsible for the aberrant numbers, said
| Vince Vizzaccaro, the executive vice president of marketing at Net
| Applications.


Idiocy remains a barrier to change. That's why many people, myself included,
forge Web browser HTTP headers (favouring Windows and IE sometimes).

There ought to be rules against browser/geographical discrimination, at least
for certain types of sites. Related to this:

Lies, Damned Lies and Percentages

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| Dear MPA, if you’re going to value the “losses” caused by video piracy,
| perhaps you would have more people on your side if you offered numbers that
| make some kind of sense.
| [...]
| Interestingly, the MPA’s Swedish lawyers, MAQS attempt to justify the
| inflated value by observing that the material available for download is
| DRM-free and often pre-release. Are they seriously going to float that
| argument? That (by implication) material encumbered by DRM is of lesser
| value? That (by further implication) the material available via Torrent
| sites is worth more than that available through ‘legitimate’ sources.
| Interesting!



Walmart video site gets worse

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| As you can see, if you go to their video downloading page here,
| it now properly detects your browser. Yay, progress! Sadly, if
| you are not using the spyware vector called IE, well, it locks you
| out. You get the following error message.


New BBC site struggles with Firefox

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| The redesigned BBC News website is struggling to work with the Firefox
| browser.


Why Linux Users Should Be Furious At BBC

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| Recently the BBC had a bit of a wake up call regarding numbers and how many
| Linux users were really out there. Why does any of this matter? It has to do
| with something the BBC provides called the iPlayer. Seriously, relying on
| ActiveX is so "1990's" that it's painful, and as luck would have it, the
| Linux users who wish to use this BBC player made sure that the BBC knew that
| they were making the sought after content inaccessible to those people using
| Linux.
| No iPlayer for Linux Users, But There Will Be An Alternative. Based on what I
| have been able to gather thus far, it looks like we will see an Adobe Flash
| option coming out soon. Then again, who really cares? Seriously, if the BBC
| is this foolish to ignore how much Linux growth is taking place both in the
| UK as well as the surrounding countries, then maybe people ought to be
| looking elsewhere? Is it because this is indeed, the BBC? So there is the
| belief that this is the people's media? Up until now, I enjoyed much of what
| the BBC had to offer, but this entire thing is enough to have pushed me away.

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