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Looking for Mr. ISV

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| The first problem is one we already know: a lack of information. They don't
| know enough about Linux, and they are basing their decisions on half-formed
| bits of data that they gleaned from various sources.
| [...]
| Granted, "cut out the middleman" is not unique to any business plan, but
| Lucas' application of the principle, taking almost perfect advantage of the
| political and cultural situation of the era was certainly pretty smart. So
| smart that he was able to elude (honest) police investigation for quite some
| time because no one in the 1960s was able to initially believe that a black
| man would hold more sway than the Italian organized criminal organizations.
| [...]
| Today, it seems, ISVs are still approaching Linux as something like that
| bullying middleman. It's not Linux' fault--it's just that after so many years
| of doing things one way, the notion that there's another way to interact with
| an OS is completely alien. This, I believe, is where the need for lateral
| thinking comes in.



Indie labels take e-commerce into their own hands

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| Many other labels' digital stores are directly connected to their online
| physical stores as well, so that users can purchase T-shirts, CDs and MP3s
| all at once. "We are counting on our mail-order customers being our early
| adopters," Rentz said. "Our goal is to make it a real one-stop shop." *


Why popstars are going it alone

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| Music industry lobby groups have long been among the most vocal advocates of
| copyright reform, urging governments worldwide to prioritise intellectual
| property protection.
| [...]
| Last week, Radiohead released its latest CD without copy-controls on its
| website under a pay-as-you like system (Canada's Issa - formerly known as
| Jane Siberry - has successfully employed a similar approach for many years).
| The Radiohead announcement has unleashed a stunning series of follow-up
| moves - reports indicate that Nine Inch Nails, Oasis, Jamiroquai, the
| Charlatans, and Madonna have either left or are ready to leave their record
| labels in search of greater commercial success through live performances,
| merchandise sales, and other online innovation that may include free
| distribution of their music.


Strike hiatus prompts Hollywood writers to go it alone

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| Forget Warner Brothers, Universal and Disney. Say goodnight and good luck to
| CBS, NBC and Fox. The Hollywood studio model is about to be turned upside
| down. *

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