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The Tragedy of Linux: You Can Hack an OS, But You Can't Hack People

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| It's about time I tackled this ugly task. I've been promising a follow-up to
| Ubuntu is not Linux. Because the broad point that I'm trying to make needs to
| be hammered down, I will explain it again and again and again, more and more
| clearly each time.
| [...]
| Of all the responses I got, probably the one that came the closest to showing
| understanding is - are you ready for this? - this post at ITWire!
| Titled "Linux winds of change: friction between Ubuntu and old guard", the
| author, Stan Beer, at least earns a B in grasping this slippery concept. He
| correctly understands these points:
| * The Linux evangelists who would like to see Linux distros like Ubuntu
| and Suse replace Windows as the desktop system of choice. However, I
| would actually call them "Linux carpetbaggers" more than evangelists,
| because the motivation for many of them is that Guess Who's going to get
| rich if Linux replaces Windows outright and they get the credit? But I
| digress.
| * Linux is not and never will be an operating system designed to suit
| disillusioned Windows users. Ah, therein lies the drama!
| * The Ubuntu user interface is not exactly the same as Windows but it's
| close enough.
| * Ubuntu is a cultural cringe to refugees from Windows.
| * Ubuntu has a user base that is gradually becoming flooded with former
| Windows users who have made the switch.
| * The Windows culture is quite different from the Linux culture.


You Can Hack An OS But You Can't Hack People - part 2: The Computing World

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| This was the only logical course of action at that time. Because the
| computing world was so new to everyone, even the kings, it did not make sense
| for everyone to try to establish their own republics and then try to run
| them. It was only possible for most people to settle on some republic and be
| part of that place's feudalistic system.


That's why Microsoft tries to 'infect' them while young and even dump to ensure
the children are locked in to Microsoft.
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