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Sun Java chief to developers: 'We're genetic freaks'

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| Fast told a packed session - Applications for the masses by the masses: why
| engineers are an endangered species - the application development model is
| changing, opening up to a broader audience, thanks to new tools and platforms
| that support non-engineers, or "casual developers."
| Exponentially more applications are being built today, thanks to these
| developers and the accessibility of so-called social platforms, such as
| Facebook, which are driving this sea change. And a new generation of tools
| that raises the level of abstraction is allowing these novices to accomplish
| useful things.


Even Microsoft has already acknowledged this. It might buy FB.

Revamped virtualisation for Linux, Mac, Solaris and Windows

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| Available for various Linux distributions including Debian, Red Hat, SUSE and
| Ubuntu as well as Solaris, Mac OS X on Intel and Windows, xVM VirtualBox
| allows "practically any x86 based OS" to run as a guest.


We probably ought to be more gentle with and towards Sun. They bring a lot to
FOSS (need anyone mention OOo?). Having spoken to Marten add Simon, you can
see they're pressured from above (shareholders too). It's reasonable to reach
the conclusion that it's better to listen, not criticise or slam. Not with Sun
anyway... Anything that looks like civil wars (cue McPherson) can be used
against us, i.e. an ammunition against Linux.

Intel multi-core threading library supports Sun Studio

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| As part of their ongoing alliance, Intel and Sun Microsystems have ported
| Intel's Linux-compatible multi-core C++ development library to the Linux- and
| Solaris-compatible Sun Studio. The Intel Threading Building Blocks (TBB)
| technology has also been made available for the latest version of the Solaris
| operating system (OS).
| [...]
| According to Sun, TBB for Solaris will soon be offered in the repository for
| the mostly open-source OpenSolaris, which was formally released earlier this
| week. Also this week, Sun demonstrated its Linux-based, GPL-licensable JavaFX
| technology for creating Rich Internet Applications (RIAs).



MySQL to remain as open source

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| Marten Mickos, former CEO at MySQL and now senior vice president of Sun's
| database group, explained that the company has developed high-end add-ons
| such as encryption, native storage engine-specific drivers, that they will
| deliver to Enterprise customers only. Mickos stated, "MySQL isn't going
| closed source."

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