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Meet Karl Paetzel, HP marketing manager for Linux and open source (video)

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| Karl Paetzel is quoted frequently about Hewlett-Packard's ever-increasing
| Linux and open source efforts, which now include open source licensing
| detection and governance tools. Here's a chance to see and hear him a little
| more "up close and personal" than in a traditional text interview.


More abuse of the word "open", courtesy of H-P:

Collaboration to Drive Innovation at HP Labs

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| The program is the first offering of the HP Labs Open Innovation Office
| established earlier this year to help deepen strategic collaborations with
| academia, the government and the commercial sector.



HP Media Vault 2100 Linux Server Reviewed: One Kick-Ass Little Penguin

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| In the end, this product isn't just another NAS, but a bold statement that HP
| is making, that it doesn't have to be saddled by the rough riders of Redmond
| when it can build (license?) its own practically identical box at a lower
| cost. Now I know that there are some things that you can only do with a
| PC-like server running a full OS, but honestly, what are they? I mean, do
| most people, even die-hard server-needers, give a crap? I want to know from
| you folks: Why bother with Windows Home Server when the Linux-based
| alternatives are on the surface equally friendly, equally powerful and—oh
| yeah—half the cost?


HP loves Linux the Windows way

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| Well, unless you’re used to the fact that your hardware vendor offers you RPM
| or DEB packages for Windows products, it shouldn’t surprise you that HP
| offers only Windows executables as a way to support its Linux products...

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