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> Zune Sales Still In the Toilet
> ,----[ Quote ]
> | Selling a million Zunes across nine months seems particularly
> | conservative for a company with Microsoft’s clout, particularly when
> | considering that it was selling against the iPod, which got snatched
> | up 40 million times over that same period. When Microsoft announced
> | having shipped 1.2 million units in early July, Windows Enthusiasts
> | rejoiced that the goal was reached, apparently unaware that
> | Microsoft’s definition of “shipping” means transferring product to a
> | retailer’s warehouse. `----
> http://www.roughlydrafted.com/2008/0...in-the-toilet/
> Watch the picture. He takes the piss [pun] out of that Microsoft boot
> licker who got gifts and free trips for all the licking. That's how
> Microsoft buys shills.

....although in this case all the shilling in the world won't help their
product. They can't even give it away...even after throwing in a free
copy of Vista. Or maybe their failure is *because* of Vista...

In order to accommodate attendees who were not using Windows,
Microsoft set up a booth at the conference to assist users in putting
Windows on their Macs using Boot Camp. Employees would install, for free,
a copy of Vista on a Mac Boot Camp partition and help attendees download
the Zune software so they could use their new freebee player. The reader
who attended the event observed “curiously, the Microsoft booth did not
appear to be swamped with customers during the weekend, but there did
seem to be a distinct burst of activity on eBay selling monogrammed red

> Related:
> ,----[ Quote ]
> | After the false alarm back in May, yesterday's announcement that
> | Microsoft has now officially reached their goal of one million Zunes
> | sold (or is that shipped?) had about as much fanfare as a fart in a
> | bathtub. `----
> http://news.com.com/8301-10784_3-9747850-7.html?


That's sort of an unfair comparison. Bathtub farts are at least somewhat

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