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Sun Set to Win Developer Battle

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| Already in many studies on developer platform choice, the battle typically is
| drawn between the Microsoft .Net camp and the Java camp. But with the
| emergence of a new set of qualifications around developer/designer workflow
| and the advent of RIAs (rich Internet applications), the battleground is
| becoming more cluttered with new entrants and different models. Sun hopes to
| be in that fray.


JAVAONE - Sun defends JavaFX Script

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| This question was raised during the JavaOne conference in San Francisco this
| week, with an attendee wondering why Sun needed to have its own scripting
| variant. JavaFX Script is part of Sun's JavaFX rich Internet application
| platform, first announced a year ago but being filled out with product
| deliverables this year.
| With JavaFX Script, Sun is offering up a scripting language very similar to
| what already was available, argued developer Angsuman Chakraborty, CEO of
| Taragana. It is hard for developers to learn another language, Chakraborty
| said.


JavaOne: AMD cites Java improvement efforts

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| Emphasizing the company's commitment to the Java platform, AMD detailed this
| week how it is building technologies to make Java work better.


Azul Systems: Jazzing Up Java

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| Eying Java's rise years ago, Scott Sellers, CEO of Azul Systems, jumped on
| the trend with its Compute Appliance, a device designed to better deploy Java
| applications. "It was tough to steal long-term accounts with other
| technologies," Sellers noted; however, the company has at this point enjoyed
| three straight years of growing revenue.


It's important to defend Java against Novell/Mono/.NET/Microsoft.
Novell-crosoft is trying to turn GNU/Linux against Java on the face of it.


Open Source Java Technology Debuts In GNU/Linux Distributions

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| Sun Microsystems, Inc. (NASDAQ: JAVA), Canonical Ltd. and Red Hat, Inc.
| (NYSE: RHT), today announced the inclusion of OpenJDK-based
| (http://openjdk.java.net) implementations in Fedora 9 and Ubuntu 8.04 Long
| Term Support (LTS) Server and Desktop editions, furthering the promise of
| Sun's open source Java technology initiative. * *


Java - 100 per cent open source by end of this year

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| Sun is to open source the last closed-source parts of Java, a move that
| should make it possible to fully integrate the software into Linux
| distributions.

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