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Raptor Menu explores KDE 4 Possibilities

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| What’s so great about the Raptor Menu? Well, I do have to say that right now
| it’s mostly in the conceptual stage, although they do have some code that
| compiles. What *I* believe are their biggest strengths are the fact that it
| looks great - kinda like the Mac dock that everone’s always trying to
| emulate, it calculates your most used programs and makes those available up
| front, and it combines some command line savvy.


The best and worst docks for Ubuntu

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| Docks became popular when Mac began using them in their operating system. But
| these days docks are available on all platforms.


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The KDE Raptor Menu - A quick overview

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| Being a KDE lover myself, I'm always intrigued by some of the different
| features and software that come out for KDE. *The latest is the Raptor menu.
| It's certainly an interesting menu system and one that I think deserves
| closer attention.


Cairo-Dock Adds Slick, Custom App-Launching to Linux

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| Linux only: We're big fans of application dock and launcher Avant Window
| Navigator around here, but free utility Cairo-Dock makes a strong showing as
| well, not least for its highly-configurable and slick appearance, as well as
| a good range of plug-ins and third-party applets.


Flipping the Linux switch: Cairo-Dock is pain free eye candy

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| It's a weird phenomenon. Nearly every computer platform steals another one's
| look. Vista gets accused of trying to look too much like OS X. Linux desktops
| get accused of trying to look like Vista (except when they're accused of
| ripping off OS X).

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