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Getting business out of social connections

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| Last year Dell started selling PCs with the Linux operating system Ubuntu
| pre-installed. The move was not a calculated gamble decided upon in a
| boardroom or marketing department: the powers that be at the computer
| manufacturer knew for certain there was widespread public demand for
| including the open-source operating system.
| How? Social networking, Dell-style. The company launched a social network
| called Ideastorm in July 2006 to connect with its customers and potential
| customers, and over 20,000 people voiced support for pre-installing Ubuntu.


Dell said last month that the Linux program is thriving and then expanded it
further (links at the bottom).

Top Ten Reasons for a Linux Laptop

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| Here's another Linux Top Ten Countdown (from our Reality mixed with humor
| section). Some of these items appeared originally in my article for The Linux
| Journal (Dec 2007, Issue 164).
| You may also be interested in: Top Ten Reasons to Protect Your Linux System.
| Hopefully, these tips will help settle once and for all why Linux is a
| perfect fit for any laptop.
| You can avoid listening to monologues about the merits of Vista. As your
| colleague begins salivating about the many Vista features (read that
| as “bugs”), stop him cold by declaring, “I’m installing Linux.” You’ll have
| him running outside, yanking his hair and screaming expletives. The sight
| alone should be well worth it.


Priceless. And so true.

People whom I know here avoids Windows Vista. Joe Sixpack might leave it
installed for a while, but everyone else wipes it (for replacement with
GNU/Linux or some other O/S). Everybody knows Microsoft dropped the ball with
Vista, including Ballmer, Gartner and Gates.

Last month:

Dell to expand Linux laptop & PC push

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| In interviews at Dell's Parmer campus north of Austin last week, four Dell
| representatives said sales of the Ubuntu Linux-loaded machines are
| encouraging, and the company plans to expand the fledgling programme to new
| computer models and markets. *


A year later, sales of Linux on Dell computers continue to grow

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| Sales figures not released, but program is thriving, Dell says



Linux faithful see ray of light shining on client OS

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| “There is a huge market of people who can start out with Linux [and you don’t
| have to try] to get them to switch from Windows,” says John Hull, manager of
| the Linux engineering team at Dell. “And a lot of the opportunity is going to
| be in developing markets.” * *

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