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India set to counter Chinese net attacks

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| They are primarily using bots – approximately 50,000 of which are currently
| installed on Indian systems, key loggers and network topology mapping, which
| allows information to be gathered on how the Indian networks could be
| disabled, or at least degraded, in the event of a crisis.


Belgium also:

India and Belgium decry Chinese cyber attacks

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| Belgium and India have joined the growing ranks of countries voicing concerns
| about cyber attacks originating from China.



Vista a 'threat' to the national security of India

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| As Mr Bombay Watcher says on his blog, Microsoft has a cosy partnership
| with the CIA, so perhaps the world should take care and caution when it
| comes time to upgrade. We're pretty certain Windows 3.1 would be a safe
| bet. He seems particularly worried about the national security of India,
| as it does, of course, have some conflicting interests with the US
| of A.


Teacher accused of piracy fights Microsoft with open source

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| Now, Reuters is reporting that the teacher has launched a campaign that
| labels big software companies a threat to national security, and he's now
| been pushed to back open-source solutions instead. Ponosov gave the following
| little speech at a news conference: *
| "Our dependence on Western proprietary software is a risk for us. We are, in
| effect, losing the independence of this country. To quote (Tsar) Alexander
| III, Russia has only two allies, its army and its navy. What would you buy
| for your child if you want them to grow up to be bright—a pretty toy car or a
| construction set? A pretty car that you cannot take apart is like proprietary
| software. The construction set is open-source software. I have not been using
| Microsoft software on my computer at home for more than a year." * * *


Russian expert: Terrorists may try cyberattacks

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| A Russian computer security expert predicts that terrorists could
| seek to target the country's critical infrastructure through
| electronic warfare, a strategy that could raise the stakes in
| how Russia handles computer crime.


Homeland Security not ready for Cyber Storm

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| In June, the Business Roundtable issued a report saying that "the
| United States is not sufficiently prepared for a major attack, software
| incident or natural disaster that would lead to disruption of large parts
| of the Internet" and that coordinating a response to such an attack
| or disaster should be turned over to the Department of Homeland
| Security.


Homeland Security sees cyberthreats on the rise

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| To test the nation's response to a cyberattack, the Department
| of Homeland Security plans to hold another major exercise,
| called Cyberstorm II, in March 2008, Garcia said. A first
| such exercise happened early last year.


Is the US at risk from cyberwarfare?

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| The United States faces many of the same dangers as Estonia. And with public
| utilities such as hydro-electric plants and nuclear power plants moving away
| from proprietary (and more secure) systems toward open-standards-based
| systems that use common Internet protocols such as TCP/IP to connect to one
| another, the list of potential targets is increasing. * *


Secret services to fend off targeted trojan attacks

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| Professional spies in the service of the state are often behind these
| targeted attacks. In the last year, Chinese secret services in particular
| have repeatedly been accused of carrying out especially tenacious trojan
| attacks. Computers in the German Chancellor's office have reportedly even
| been infected. Estonia has also accused the Russian government of having
| waged cyberwar on its critical network infrastructure. * *


Germany, UK also investigating government PC espionage by China

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| In recent weeks, the Chinese have been accused not only of hacking the
| Pentagon, but also several German ministries and key sites in the UK, as
| well. In doing research for an upcoming story on the Pentagon attacks, I
| stumbled upon recent reports in Germany of surprisingly similar activity. *


Estonia suspects Kremlin in Web attacks

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| He said more than 1 million computers worldwide have been used in
| recent weeks to attack Estonian government and business Web sites
| since a dispute arose with Moscow over Estonia's moving of a
| Soviet-era war memorial from downtown Tallinn.

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