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In the Air

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| Nathan Myhrvold met Jack Horner on the set of the “Jurassic Park” sequel in
| 1996.
| [...]
| But then, in August of 2003, I.V. held its first invention session, and it
| was a revelation. “Afterward, Nathan kept saying, ‘There are so many
| inventions,’ ” Wood recalled. “He thought if we came up with a half-dozen
| good ideas it would be great, and we came up with somewhere between fifty and
| a hundred. I said to him, ‘But you had eight people in that room who are
| seasoned inventors. Weren’t you expecting a multiplier effect?’ And he
| said, ‘Yeah, but it was more than multiplicity.’ Not even Nathan had any idea
| of what it was going to be like.”
| The original expectation was that I.V. would file a hundred patents a year.
| Currently, it’s filing five hundred a year. It has a backlog of three
| thousand ideas.



Who is the world's biggest patent troll?

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| In two consecutive days, The Wall Street Journal presented two different
| answers. The first is not surprising: Intellectual Ventures, the brainchild
| of ex-Microsoft executive Nathan Myhrvold. It's now out "to raise as much as
| $1 billion to help develop and patent inventions, many of them from
| universities in Asia." *


Playing Microsoft Patent Poker

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| This time though, while Ballmer slinks away to try to con … convince people
| that Microsoft Unified Communications somehow offers people more than what
| Cisco's VOIP (voice over IP) been offering customers for years, a patent
| attack finally launches at Linux. Specifically, IP Innovation, a subsidiary
| of Acacia Technologies Group, has filed a patent infringement claim against
| Linux distributors Novell and Red Hat. * *
| So was it just timing, or was it something more? Let's take a look at the
| players. *


Top Ten Patent Trolls of 2007

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| 3. Acacia. I didn't start tracking Acacia carefully until the summer. But
| still, on my blog I have reported on over two dozen lawsuits brought by
| Acacia this year, against more than 235 defendants. That's in addition to the
| over 200 lawsuits Acacia filed in previous years against hundreds and
| hundreds of defendants. And that's not including the two lawsuits (at least)
| Acacia has filed in December against 20 more defendants (yes, Acacia, I'm
| watching you). Acacia's business model, as a publicly traded company, is to
| accumulate patents and sue as many companies as possible in order to extract
| licenses. They have a market cap of over 275 million - that pays for a lot of
| lawsuits. Unlike other trolls, Acacia tends to not focus on one court in
| particular, although they have sampled the Eastern District of Texas more
| this year than in the past.

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