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Firefox 3: Site Identification button

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| Ensuring that users are safe, secure, and protected while they browse the Web
| is one of the greatest challenges facing browser makers. Browser security
| involves a delicate balance between protecting the user from the dangers that
| exist on the Web and overly restricting the user’s freedom to go where she
| wants and see what she wants while surfing.



Mozilla Nearing the Finish Line for Firefox 3.0 - Over 14,000 improvements
from Firefox 2

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| Mozilla is nearing the finish line for the latest version of its open source
| browser.



Firefox 3's better performance and memory improvements

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| At the Mozilla "open house", Mike Schroepfer, Mozilla Corporation vice
| president of engineering said that beta 5 of Firefox 3 will come out next
| week. It will be the last beta before release candidate 1, which is due for
| May; Firefox 3 should ship in June or before, if possible.


Mozilla: Firefox 3 beats IE7 and Opera in memory tests

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| Work done to plug Firefox's memory leaks and reduce its RAM profile has paid
| off, two of Mozilla's engineers said Friday, as they claimed that the newest
| beta of their open-source browser uses less memory than rivals such as
| Internet Explorer and Opera.


Firefox passes 400 million downloads

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| Firefox just passed the 400 million download mark, according to the Spread
| Firefox site for promoting the open-source, extendable Web browser.


Firefox at Mix08

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| So as we're going through the presentation I began to notice a couple of
| things, the bloke was using both IE and Firefox, but every time he needed to
| demonstrate some technical point, like showing and us how the page code looks
| and why it's right or wrong in terms of SEO, he'd switch to Firefox and use
| tools like Firebug or the Web Developer tool bar that are add-ons to Firefox. * *
| But even more interesting than this, is that I know you can get similar tools
| for IE, they're available through Microsoft Marketplace..... at a price. But
| obviously even Microsoft partners aren't willing to pay that price, and
| prefer the Free (and open) tool sets that are available for Firefox. *

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