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Chief RIAA Litigator Named Colorado Judge -- UPDATE

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| The Pirate Party of the United States took a different position. "Being the
| lead counsel in a multi-year campaign of extortion, pretexting, and sham
| litigation should not be rewarded with a seat in any court, except perhaps as
| a defendant," said the party's chairman, Andrew Norton.


DRM and unintended consequences

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| As you might have gathered from the Radiohead article, DRM is essentially
| ineffective.
| Its only successes are in treating legitimate customers like criminals. A
| determined (and competent) security cracker can always find a way to
| circumvent DRM.
| [...]
| It's all based on ideas like Kerckhoffs' Principle and Shannon's Maxim--a
| rephrasing of the basic concept in Kerckhoffs' Principle that says "The enemy
| knows the system." Ultimately, it all just means that trying to interfere
| with the way people use what they have by keeping its internal workings
| secret is doomed to failure. The common thread is that security cannot be
| bought with attempts to restrict how people might use what you've given them.
| Someone who intends to circumvent your security measures will not be stopped
| by the attempt to convince them to ignore what's already in plain view.



EFF: Microsoft betrayed MSN Music customers

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| The Electronic Frontier Foundation says that Microsoft has "betrayed" MSN
| Music customers and wants the company to make things right by issuing an
| apology, refunds, and eliminate digital rights management technology from the
| Zune music player. *



Microsoft: We Like DRM

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| Steve Jobs wants the music business to drop restrictions for digital
| tunes. But Microsoft, which began competing head to head with Apple
| in the digital music business last fall, is happy with the way things
| are, says media exec Robbie Bach.


The Longest Suicide Note in History

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| Gutmann: The genie's out of the bottle before the operating system has even
| been released! But that doesn't mean Vista users in particular - and
| the computer community at large - won't end up paying for Microsoft's
| DRM folly. At the risk of repeating myself repeating myself, yet
| another reason to move to Linux.
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