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The New Pocket PCs

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| That will change in 2009, according to Palm's vice president of smartphone
| product marketing, Stephane Maes. The company is developing its own modern,
| Linux-based OS, which will replace Palm OS by the end of the year. It will
| have a flexible interface and a very easy development environment, and it
| will focus on integrating personal information, Maes says.


Exon’s Quran PDA Phone Boots Windows Mobile 6 and Linux

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| It also runs both Linux and Windows Mobile 6.0. This is the genuine article,
| the manufacturers repeat, the real PDA phone that can install applications
| with a swappable OS:
| Please note that this is a Genuine PDA phone. Most other so-called
| PDA-phones advertised by other suppliers are NOT true PDA phones,butsmart
| phones only with a firmware interface similar to Windows Mobile.No
| application can be installed on these false PDA-phones and theOS cannot
| be altered. True PDA phones run on Microsoft Windows, Linuxor similar OS
| and all Windows / Linux applications can be installed.



Rugged PDA available with Linux

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| A value-added reseller of mobile computers and PDAs has ported Linux to a
| ruggedized, "military-grade" PDA. SDG Systems is offering the "Nomad" from
| Tripod Data Systems (TDS) pre-installed with Angstrom Linux and Qtopia PDA
| Edition, and bundled with a toolsuite and build environment based on
| OpenEmbedded. * *



Motorola MOTOMING A1600 3G GPS Linux Smart Phone PDA

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| Motorola announces their new PDA phones, MOTOMING A1600 SmartPhone. The next
| generation of motorola MOTOMING A1200 with enhanced features.


Motorola E690 PDA phone with Linux on board

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| It seems that they are returning to the penguin with their next
| offering, the E690 PDA phone. Naturally, it rocks quite the slim
| profile (what else would you expect given the relative popularity
| of the Q and the RAZR); in fact, its styling is eerily reminiscent
| of the SLVR L7, less the numpad.


Rugged PDA gains supported Linux option

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| Embedded Linux specialist SDG Systems is shipping a Linux-ized version of
| a ruggedized, "military-grade" PDA from Tripod Data Systems (TDS). SDG's
| Linux port for the Recon-X is based on a 2.6.15 kernel, and includes
| technical and warranty support. Tools, training, and customization
| services are also available.

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