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Unicaresoft loses MSNLock case against Microsoft

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| The Dutch version of Oxford English Dictionary, Van Dale, also mentions MSN
| as a generic term meaning to contact someone via an instant messenger.


This won't add to Microsoft's popularity in a country that's already moving to
Free software and ODF. Serves it right:

Microsoft Satellite Map Project Sued Over Name

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| Microsoft's TerraServer-USA satellite imagery project has been slapped with a
| trademark lawsuit from a small North Carolina company with a confusingly
| similar name.



Grisoft subpoenas Microsoft

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| The website, alleges Grisoft, infringes its copyrights and trademarks.
| The lawyers said: "The website's proponent, with MSN's facilitation, is
| taking a 'free ride' on our clients rights" and the proponent of the website
| is distributing AVG software for a fee. *


School sues Microsoft over copyright

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| But it's complicated because the wire reports Microsoft Philippines bought
| licences to print the manual back in 2004.


Microsoft to eBay name for $1m

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| Portuguese outfit Microsoft Lda aims to cash in on its name by eBaying the
| brand and business for a starting price of $1m, Reuters reports.


Portuguese firm Microsoft to auction name on eBay


Microsoft infringing on one of Apple Patents?

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| Keep in mind I am not a patent researcher, and I am sure Apple is not
| going to sue Microsoft for abusing one of their patents, but it does
| at least look like Microsoft is abusing this patent.


Handling of Microsoft's copyleft violation

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| A member of the Microsoft packaged software team lifting one of my
| images is definitely a case where the infringing party should have
| known better, as the company routinely takes action to protect its
| own IP.


Appeals Court Rules that Deceptive Conduct in Standard Setting can Violate
Antitrust Laws

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| While many of us have been preoccupied with the OOXML vote, the rest of the
| world has naturally been continuing to go about its business. One piece of
| business that took an interesting turn in the last few days is a ruling by a
| Federal Appellate Court in the United States that breaks new ground in
| protecting the integrity of the standard setting system. The ruling may also
| have relevance to the regrettable conduct witnessed in the recent OOXML vote. * * *

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