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At the Heart of the Knowledge Economy: Should Patents Be Limited To Technology?

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| Should we allow patents on tax-avoidance strategies? Legal arguments?
| Mathematical algorithms? Toilet reservation systems? Negotiation tactics?
| Business models?


Software patents: all talk

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| Software patents are good because they are a cheap weapon to get rid of small
| players.


Death to Software Patents! Nah…..

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| What with all the paranoia surrounding In re Bilski (on patentable subject
| matter) and In re Nujiten (on signal claims) and the demands of certain
| groups for an end to software patents (see http://endsoftpatents.org), one
| might think we were on the verge of software patent mortality.
| [...]
| Rather than try to solve these issues en masse, we settled for a good
| conversation with a friend from across the Atlantic, Paul Cole, a chartered
| patent agent, patent litigator, and law professor from the UK who has written
| and spoken widely on issues of software patents.


Let's Make Software Patents "Defensive Only"

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| A friend of mine - who recently was "paid to file a patent" said he
| considered requesting that - if granted - the patent only be used
| defensively. I asked him why. He responded that he felt conflicted and
| thinks a lot of his peers feel the same way. He didn't think the patent was
| particularly valuable, useful, or valid.



Open source launches attack on software patents

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| In a statement, ESP Executive Director Ben Klemens said, "This is an historic
| opportunity to fix the U.S. patent system, as the Bilski rehearing will
| directly address the boundaries of the subject matter of patents. In our
| brief, the End Software Patents project supports the Supreme Court's
| long-held position that computer software should not be patentable, and has
| highlighted to the Court the real economic harm software patents cause the
| U.S. economy." ¬* ¬*


Red Hat Says U.S. Patent System Is Broken

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| This week Red Hat filed with the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals to
| carefully examine the state of software patents in the country. According to
| Red Hat, a company ripe with support for open source software, software
| patents are being issued at an alarming rate, and many of them are obvious
| ideas that should not have passed the patent desk to begin with. ¬* ¬*


Bush Administration Speaks Against Patent Overhaul

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| U.S. Senate negotiators are getting closer to hammering out disagreements
| that are holding up a patent system overhaul, but President George Bush's
| administration still has concerns about the bill, an administration official
| said Friday.
| [...]
| In order for the USPTO to improve the quality of patents granted, "the system
| must focus on the quality of applications," Secretary of Commerce Carlos
| Gutierrez said in a letter to senators dated Thursday. "Stated simply, our
| innovation system can no longer afford the time and the cost of heavily
| subsidizing poor quality patent applications, which crowd out our most
| important innovations."
| Each applicant applications costs the USPTO US$4,200, while basic filing fees
| are under $1,000, Dudas added. "It's very easy to apply for something while
| doing only minimal work," he said.

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