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Interview with Bluewhite64 creator Attila Craciun

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| Slackware Linux has stood strong for more than a decade by refusing to
| compromise. There was a time when people used to say, "If you want to learn
| Linux and learn it well, give Slackware a try." Attila Craciun, a Romanian
| software developer and Linux enthusiast, has ported the Slackware tree to the
| AMD64 architecture to create the Bluewhite64 distro. We spoke with him to
| find out about Bluewhite64, where it came from, and where it's going.


Open Enterprise Interview: Mike Milinkovich

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| The other thing that most people don’t appreciate is that the evolution is
| community driven. The Eclipse Foundation is not a software company that sets
| a strategy and then executes. We rely upon our community members to set the
| direction of the technology. It results in a very organicand dynamic
| environment that is very different from what I have experienced working in a
| corporate setting.


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Bluewhite64 12.1 is Released

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| I am pleased to announce the availability of the Bluewhite64 Linux 12.1!
| Among the many program updates and distribution enhancements, you'll find
| better support for RAID, LVM, and cryptsetup; a network capable (FTP and
| HTTP, not only NFS) installer; two of the most advanced desktop environments
| available today: KDE 3.5.9, the latest version of the award-winning K Desktop
| Environment, and Xfce 4.4.2, a fast and lightweight but visually appealing
| and easy to use desktop environment; SMP Linux Kernel and
| (for testing) with advanced features and performance; Fuse 2.7.3 and ntfs-3g
| 1.2310 read/write NTFS driver; SCIM 1.4.7 (Smart Common Input Method); an
| updated IA32 Emulation (run 32-bit programs) in the EXTRA software series,
| and may more improved and upgraded packages. Read the Official Announcement
| for more details.

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