Troll treasure: an in-depth look at Qt 4.4

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| Trolltech has announced the official release of Qt 4.4, a much-anticipated
| update to their popular, cross-platform software development framework. Qt is
| distributed under a dual-licensing model that enables open-source as well as
| proprietary commercial development, and it is widely used on the Linux
| platform, where it provides the underlying widget toolkit used by the KDE
| desktop environment. It is also used in a variety of commercial applications
| such as Skype, Google Earth, and Adobe Photoshop Elements.

Get some AIR on Linux

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| Adobe Air alpha for Linux only runs on systems using the .deb or .rpm
| packaging system. Officially AIR also only runs on RedHat Desktop Linux 4,
| RedHat Enterprise Linux v5, Novell Desktop Linux 9, SUSE Linux Enterprise
| Desktop 10 and Ubuntu 6.06 but we successfully installed it on Ubuntu 8.04.


Qt 4.4 Sneak Preview

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| Qt 4.4 is one of the most exciting Qt releases ever, expanding the range of
| what is possible with Qt. *While the release is still several months away, we *
| would like to provide you with a sneak preview of several key new
| technologies set to be included in Qt 4.4. *Where available, we have provided
| links to browse the latest discussion about the new technologies on Trolltech
| Labs. * *