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Review: Vista-intosh: VMware Gone Fusion

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| VMware Fusion is desktop virtualization which allows Mac users to seamlessly
| run Windows and Linux on OS X machines. The application runs on Intel-based
| Macs. A Windows or Linux session can be called from inside Mac, without need
| of a reboot.


Apple still snubs all hardware other than its own...

Opening up Psystar's Open Computer

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| He explained that, unlike the Windows and Linux, installing OS X is a very
| difficult and complicated process and that the company does not provide
| installation instructions for OSX. I reluctantly pulled out the credit card,
| and the system shipped out to us a few days later. The system cost us
| $399.99, plus $50 for a FireWire card. Add in the $110 graphics card and the
| $155 OS installation, and the machine cost $714.99; shipping brought the
| price to $751.47.



Run Windows and Linux without virtualization

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| Linux does everything that many users want it to, but some people have tasks
| that require Windows applications. You can dual-boot both operating systems,
| or run Windows in a virtualized environment on Linux. Alas, virtualization
| makes the guest OS almost useless for processor- and RAM-intensive tasks like
| editing videos and playing games. Now, a Ubuntu-based distro called andLinux
| takes cooperation with Windows to a whole new level. * *


The making of Wine (how to make Windows apps merrier with Linux)

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| Flash forward to today. It's been the better part of a decade and Microsoft
| has not been toppled by anyone's reckoning. However it did release Vista -
| perhaps the most hated Windows operating system of all time (though it's hard
| to beat Windows ME on that count). Enterprises badly want alternatives to
| Windows. Desktop Linux has come a long way since 1999, too. and (who knew?)
| the Mac has become the ultra chic, must-have PC. The enterprise has its
| alternatives - if it can only get those mission critical Windows apps to work
| flawlessly. Wine, in its commercial form, has been doing so for years. * * *
| So, in 2008, the 1.0 version will hit the streets and the timing could not be
| more perfect. White admits that not every Windows application will work
| flawlessly on Wine, but many a critical one for the enterprise has been
| specifically optimized. *



Running Windows Under Ubuntu 7.04

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| Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn also includes a new version of rdesktop
| that can be used to start individual desktop apps from the VM on
| your normal desktop. See SeamlessVirtualization.

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