Switched On: The Linux ultraportable opportunity

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| The US smartphone market may continue to be dominated by mobile platforms
| from Apple, Microsoft, and RIM, but Linux has been creeping into ever more
| mobile devices in the last few years. Some Motorola RAZR 2 models have donned
| a Tux, Palm is looking to Linux to drive its next-generation consumer
| smartphones, and Android's backers hope to spread it to an even wider array
| of handsets. Linux is also driving many avant garde connected consumer
| electronics devices such as the Chumby, Nokia N810, Amazon Kindle, Dash
| Express, and whatever the fertile minds tinkering with Bug Labs' modules are
| envisioning,. Even the remote control that houses the user interface of
| Logitech's Squeezebox Duet is a Linux computer.
| However, none of these products are intended for as flexible a range of uses
| as a notebook PC, where Linux is being tested as a tool to achieve lower
| price points on a new generation of low-cost but style-conscious
| ultaportables.


Everyone loves the Eee

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| What’s more interesting, however, was the participants’ reactions to an Asus
| Eee PC that one of the other attendees brought with her. It was one of their
| 4GB matte black models with the 7' screen and was running Linux. From the
| moment she broke it out to check her email during the morning’s keynote
| address to the time we wrapped up in the afternoon, it was being passed from
| person to person, as they all used it to check their own emails, view
| presentations, and access their student data.
| [...]
| If anyone out there is wondering what to get me for Father’s Day, I’ll take
| an Eee. In black, please. With Linux. Just the 7' screen is fine; I’m not
| picky.



3K Comptuers debuts Linux-based “UMPC”

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| The 3K Longitude 400 weighs under two pounds and sports a seven-inch display.
| It runs off of a 400 MHz 32-bit single core mobile processor, 512 MB of DDR2
| RAM and a 1GB internal flash drive for file storage. The operating system is
| Linux based as well. *


Don't toss that old UMPC, make it a portable Linux device!

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| Instead of selling his original Samsung Q1 UMPC, TaxMan decided to take the
| Linux plunge, something I did with Ubuntu in 2006 with mixed results.
| It just goes to show you what a little Googling and elbow grease can do.
| TaxMan has the Gutsy Gibbon release of Ubuntu installed and unlike my failed
| efforts, he has the touchscreen working as well! *


MSI Wind to see June launch

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| The Wind will come pre-installed with either Linux or Windows XP operating
| systems and will boast Bluetooth 2.0 and a 1.3-megapixel webcam.


Mandriva on a Low cost notebook : Kira

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| Many people are talking about the Asus Eee PC : low cost, tiny, and for
| the "geeks", running Linux. Mandriva 2008 Spring is compatible out of the box
| with Asus Eee PC. However a new low cost PC is appearing, done by a spanish
| company : AIRIS KIRA. This notebbok is low cost ( 299 € ), and last but no
| least : is running Mandriva Linux ! * *


Jisus Laptop: 8.9" Low-cost Laptop For 300EUR; Watch Cool Pictures & a Video

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| Yes, as you see the market of low-cost laptops is very hot. Today we are
| learning about a new low-cost laptop from Netherlands.
| [...]
| It runs on Ubuntu Linux


Dutch UMPC runs Ubuntu Linux

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| Dutch integrator Van Der Led (VDL) Designs has announced a clone of the Asus
| Eee PC ultra-mini PC (UMPC) notebook. The WiFi-enabled "Jisus" UMPC is
| equipped with a Chinese-made 1GHz Loongson CPU, has an 8.9-inch display, and
| runs Ubuntu Linux. *