Xandros expands mobile device push

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| The move is an indication of the growing popularity of Linux on portable
| devices, the two companies said.


Viyya Explains the Xandros NetBook Relationship

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| Viyya Technologies, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: VYON), the developer and marketer of
| the world's most advanced, web-based internet content management application,
| announced planning for the delivery phase of its agreement with Xandros, in
| the EeePC NetBook market.
| [...]
| The EeePC designed and marketed by ASUS, is a 7", .92kg miniaturized wireless
| notebook computer (NetBook) that appears to have revolutionized the "laptop"
| world. The EeePC was voted the "Product of the Year" in February at CeBIT in
| Germany and has won over 616 awards in 2008. The first 10,000 shipped to the
| U.S. were sold out immediately and independent analysts predict over 50
| million units to be in circulation by 2011.


The GPLv3 will kick them in the rear. Same with Novell and Linspire, but
that'll give room for free replacements like Ubuntu, Red Hat, PCLOS,


Xandros CEO Defends Microsoft Deal

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| Under the third version of the General Public License, expected
| to be published in final form this month by the Free Software
| Foundation, all such deals that were not inked by March 28 are
| forbidden. As a result, it would appear that Xandros will not
| be allowed to distribute open source code licensed under GPLv3
| because of its relationship with Microsoft. Typaldos said
| he's not concerned. "If you are a businessperson, you can't
| worry about every eventuality."


Microsoft with the carrot and the stick

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| Then Microsoft offers the carrot of legal absolution. "Come with us"
| they say "We will protect you and your customers from our lawsharks"
| they promise. The poor scared sods believe them and sign a piece of
| paper that they think will protect themselves from the "Big Brother".
| This of course makes Microsoft very happy and fits right in with their
| divide and conqueror plans.