Google Ends Microsoft’s Yahoo Search

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| Microsoft and Yahoo were pushed to the brink of a multibillion-dollar
| marriage and then to a sudden breakup this weekend by the same player.
| It was Google, in the odd dual role of both unwitting matchmaker and
| self-interested spoiler.

It ended up with a more benevolent Yahoo and a possible Yahoo/Google alliance
(some collaborations already under way).

Yahoo Open Strategy could be its salvation

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| One area where industry observers see hope for Yahoo is in its ambitious plan
| to use the success of social networking in an initiative called Yahoo Open
| Strategy. Under the plan, Yahoo will open all its sites, online services and
| Web applications to outside developers, and give users a "social profile"
| dashboard to unify and manage their Yahoo services.

Is Microsoft Weaker After Failed Takeover Bid?

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| The cliché "Go big or go home" is a business philosophy that Microsoft's CEO
| Steve Ballmer is used to embracing in a bear hug – nearly always, as is his
| impetuous nature, on the side of going big.
| [...]
| The rare defeat leaves Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) weakened, a pair of analysts
| said, but nonetheless committed to continue forward on its own. Meanwhile,
| some observers wonder whether the battle might not be over quite yet.

Either way, Microsoft got hugely distracted and lost $24 billion in market

Yesterday (ish):

Microsoft's Yahoo foray signals its shaky grip on the desktop

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| Even after Monday's relief rally, Microsoft is worth some $24 billion less
| * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| than it was before it bid for Yahoo on Feb. 1.
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