Motorola Demonstrates New MOTODEV Studio Tools Designed to Accelerate Mobile
Application Development

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| MOTODEV Studio for Linux: demonstrated as a technology preview that
| will be available later this quarter, MOTODEV Studio for Linux will
| support native C/C++ application development on future versions of
| Motorola's MOTOMAGX mobile Linux platform. With millions of Linux-based
| devices shipped worldwide, Motorola has one of the broadest Linux
| device offerings of any mobile handset manufacturer. MOTODEV Studio
| for Linux underlines Motorola's continued commitment to mobile Linux
| and open source.


Linux-Based Motorola A810 Slips Through FCC

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| Motorola's new Linux-based A810 smartphone breezed through the FCC recently,
| and it looks really nice. This full-touchscreen handset features a minimum of
| hardware buttons, instead relying on the touchscreen for navigation - a
| stylus is included. *

Motorola Spins a Turnaround Plan

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| One industry publication published last week what it claims are Motorola
| products in development. Included is a phone called ZN5, featuring a
| five-megapixel autofocus camera and keyboard working off a Montavista Linux
| 2.6.1 operating system. *
| The OS choice, which Levy said could be "significant," aligns to handset
| development news Brown did mention during the earnings call. The CEO said
| both Java and Linux systems would be part of future product development. *

Nearly 20% of Mid- and High-End Mobile Devices Will Run a Linux Operating
System by 2013, According to ABI Research

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| Linux, which has been much maligned by Symbian and Microsoft as a non-starter
| in the handset operating system market, is set to see strong growth as issues
| with framework fragmentation and silicon requirements are alleviated. The
| growing momentum behind the LiMo Foundation initiative, as well as the
| marketing boost that has been realized from the entry of Google’s Android
| solution has been further enhanced by Nokia’s support of the Maemo solution
| and its purchase of Trolltech. ABI Research believes that by 2013, nearly one
| out of every five mid- or high-end mobile devices will use a Linux operating *
| system. * * *


Linux the fastest-growing smartphone OS

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| Meanwhile, in the world's largest mobile phone market (China), Linux already
| has a 30 percent share, CCID Consulting Company said in March.