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The Linux Ecosystem to More than Double to $49 Billion

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| Linux may be a free platform for many and a reasonably inexpensive
| alternative to Unix and proprietary platforms for others, but make no
| mistake.


"Hey, Steve, just because you broke into Xerox’s store before I did and took
the TV doesn’t mean I can’t go in later and steal the stereo."

--Bill Gates, Microsoft


Linux Market to Triple by 2012

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| Analyst firm Research and Markets has just put out a project on Linux-based
| server and client hardware sales, and is projecting that the market will more
| than triple between 2007 and 2012.
| A market for a platform is not the same as an ecosystem for it, which is much
| larger in that it includes the cost of people and third-party software and
| services for the code that runs atop the platform. So the R&M Linux market
| numbers might seem a little small. In any event, the consultancy pegged the
| Linux product and services market for Linux running on servers and clients
| (but not embedded systems) at $2.4 billion in 2007.


Source of the revolution

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| According to Ghosh, the notional value of Europe's investment in
| free/libre or open source software (FLOSS) today is Euro22bn,
| representing 20.5pc of the region's total software investment.
| Spending on OSS stands at e36bn and accounts for 20pc of software
| expenditure in the US.


Open source: 'World's largest software company'

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| The Standish Group found 11 per cent of all new commercial software
| requirements are satisfied by open source solutions and components. That
| figure doesn't include application service providers (ASPs) that use open
| source to service their clients. *

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